6 Benefits of Audio Books in our Homeschools

6 Benefits of Audio Books in our Homeschools

We all know how important reading and books are to learning.  Books can be the gateway to an infinite number of places and times in history.  Through books, our kids are able to be transported into worlds they otherwise would never experience.  But reading books isn’t the only way for our kids to assimilate information.  In fact, what if I told you that listening to audio books has benefits for the listener that reading books doesn’t have?

6 Benefits of Audio Books in our Homeschools

Some moms might think they are cheating or being lazy if they use audio books or audio dramas versus reading a book aloud to their kids or having them read it on their own.  This is certainly not the case!  Adding audio books and audio dramas to our homeschools has a lot of benefits

Here are 6 Benefits of Audio Books in our Homeschools:

  • The interesting sound effects and music help the book to come alive.
  • Many books are meant to be read aloud and are easier to understand when they are heard rather than read.
  • They develop an appreciation of the beauty of language and phrasing.
  • They help kids to understand complex language and to appreciate books which are at an even higher level than what they are currently capable of reading.
  • They teach us how to hold a person’s attention.
  • They help the listener to understand and appreciate different dialects.

When to Use Audio Books

Using a mix of books, audio books, and audio dramas in our homeschools is ideal.  Kids still need to spend plenty of time reading.  But there are some key times when audio books and audio dramas are the best choice:

  • When books aren’t possible – Such as on road trips, while exercising, while doing chores, etc.
  • For Audio Learners – Some people learn better while listening than they do while reading.
  • For Struggling Readers – Audio books help them to consume more books than they would be able to if they were merely reading them.  They also help to improve their attitude toward books and give them the ability to discuss books with their peers.
  • For Family Bonding – It’s so cozy to turn on an audio drama and to sit around the family room while munching on popcorn.  Our family likes to do this after dinner in the winter or right before bedtime.

Which Audio Books to Choose?

As the popularity of audio books and audio dramas grows, so does the selection.  This is great news for consumers.  However, there is still a wide range of quality.  You want to choose something that will be enjoyed by each family member, no matter what their age.  I’ve been fortunate enough to find a company that produces high quality, entertaining audio dramas which are enjoyed by young and old alike!

I was given this product for free and will be compensated for my time, but all of my opinions are honest and I was not required to write a positive review.

Heirloom Audio has created some amazing audio dramas with top-notch voice actors such as John Rhys-Davies, Sean Astin, Kirk Cameron, and Jim Weiss.  They are based on the exciting adventures of G. A. Henty, whose novels have inspired kids for generations.

Heirloom Audio has created audio dramas which not only entertain but they also inform as well.  They are filled with history, adventure, character development, and Christian values.

6 Benefits of Audio Books in our Homeschools

They currently have eight different dramas to choose from:

  • Under Drake’s Flag – about Sir Francis Drake and a young boy’s battle for courage during the Spanish Inquisition
  • In Freedom’s Cause – about William Wallace and King Robert the Bruce during Scotland’s battle for freedom
  • With Lee in Virginia – about Robert E. Lee’s sense of duty and devotion to God during the Civil War
  • The Dragon and the Raven – about the Vikings invading England and one man who is willing to stand against them in spite of overwhelming odds
  • Beric The Briton – about two young men who are captured and trained as gladiators during the Roman invasion of ancient Britannia.  We don’t have this one, yet, and I can’t wait to hear it!
  • The Cat of Bubastes – about a young prince who finds himself captured by the Egyptians and enslaved. He soon finds himself trapped in a murderous plot. This is one of Henty’s most popular novels!
  • In the Reign of Terror – about a 16-year-old boy during the French Revolution. He struggles to help the family who has lovingly taken him in and who now faces being executed by the guillotine.
  • Captain Bayley’s Heir – about an 18-year-old boy who has been falsely accused of a crime and travels to America to clear his name. He ends up in the middle of the gold rush.

Our family has really enjoyed all of the Heirloom Audio productions although Under Drake’s Flag has probably been our favorite so far.  We can’t recommend them highly enough!  They are a great choice whether you are interested in helping your kids to learn some history in a new and exciting way or if you’re just looking for something which will be entertaining for the whole family.

If you’ve never heard any of Heirloom Audio’s productions, I highly recommend you give them a try.  For more information about these exciting audio dramas and to hear when new ones are released, please check follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or Instagram!

Do you use audio books or dramas in your homeschool?  Have you ever heard an Heirloom Audio production?  If so, which has been your favorite?  Please leave a comment below.

6 Benefits of Audio Books in our Homeschools



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  1. Just last week I bought a few of these from Heirloom Audio Productions in MP3 to download immediately as I couldn’t wait for them to eventually arrive to Australia by mail. We got Beric the Briton, In Fredom’s Cause and Under Drake’s Flag. Can’t wait to get the other two! We LOVE them!!! Both my boys are totally captivated listening intently while we’re driving. These are really fantastic and good quality with all the sound effects and different actors’ vioces! It’s so easy to picture the stories as they unfold and they are so historically informative.

  2. Thank you for sharing about the benefits of audio books! We love to have them on hand when we go on long road trips. Our boys get car sick when they look at books, so audio is the way to go! Would you suggest the Heirloom Audio productions for children ages 8-2 years?

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