Age Appropriate Chore List for Children 13 years to 17 years

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At this point in your child’s development, they have reached their young adult years. If you have been training them well, they will basically be ready to leave the house in a few short years and be able to take care of themselves.

During this time, focus on tasks that you have have missed in their younger years. And give your child as much responsibility as possible so that it will be an easy transition for them when they are actually on their own. See the below age appropriate chore list for children 13 years to 17 years: **


In the House13-17yrs

  •  All parts of the laundry.
  • Bake cookies and cakes.
  • Change light bulbs.
  • Clean out refrigerator and other kitchen appliances.
  • Iron clothes.
  • Prepare grocery lists.
  • Replace light bulbs and vacuum cleaner bags.
  • Responsibility for preparing family meals.
  • Wash inside and outside of windows


Away from Home

  • Baby-sit neighborhood kids
  • Buy groceries using a list and learn comparative shopping.
  • Earn income doing chores for neighbors.

** If you need more ideas, you’ll also want to check out the lists of chores for younger children.

 Question: How about you? What types of chores have your teens been able to successfully tackle?  How has giving your child chores helped to build their character?  Please leave a comment below.

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