Age Appropriate Chore List for Children 4 years to 5 years


You thought they were helpful before! At this age, children really start to pull their own weight around the house. You will notice that they’re able to do a more thorough job and are able to do things even more independently. See the below age appropriate chore list for children 4 years to 5 years:


In Their Room

  •  Choose clothes and get dressed/undressed.
  • Make bed and clean room.
  • Pick up toys and put in proper place.
  • Put dirty clothes into clothes hamper.

The Rest of the House

  •  Brush hair.
  • Brush teeth (let them attempt on their own first – you will want to supervise or at least check teeth afterward – especially back teeth!)
  • Carrying and putting away groceries.
  • Clean table after meals.
  • Clear and set the table.
  • Dust the furniture.
  • Feed the pets at scheduled times.
  • Hang socks, handkerchiefs, and washcloths on a low line.
  • Help do the dishes (rinse items or put dishes in the dishwasher).
  • Help mother prepare plates of food for the family dinner.
  • Help out in cooking and preparing food – with adult supervision.
  • Help set the table (put utensils, napkins, plates, glasses, and condiments from the fridge on the table).
  • Help with grocery shopping and compiling a grocery list.
  • Help with more difficult meal preparations (make frozen juice, crack and scramble eggs, cut with blunt knife).
  • Help with younger siblings (bottle feeding, entertain while mom is out of the room, feed/dress toddler siblings).
  • Hold the hand mixer to whip potatoes or mix up a cake.
  • Make a simple dessert (add topping to cupcakes, pour the toppings on ice cream).
  • Make own sandwich or simple breakfast and clean up.
  • Polish silver.
  • Pour own drink.
  • Prepare cold cereal.
  • Put away clean clothes (children may still struggle with folding “properly” as this is an emerging skill)
  • Set out clothes for the next day
  • Sharpen pencils.
  • Sort laundry with supervision.
  • Spread butter on sandwiches.
  • Take laundry to laundry room on laundry day.
  • Take out the garbage.
  • Tear up lettuce for the salad.
  • Vacuum/sweep.
  • Wash hands (without assistance)


In the Yard

  •  Help clean out the car.
  • Help sweep or rake outside.
  • Wash and help wax the car.
  • Water the garden and lawn with help.


Away from Home

  •  Simple help with groceries, such as: putting items in shopping cart, helping put items on the check-out conveyor, handing items to you to be put away at home.


Beginning Etiquette

  •  Make thank you and birthday cards.
  • Begin dialing and answering the phone.


 Question: How about you? What chores have you been able to successfully assign to your child? How has giving your child chores helped to build their character? Please leave a comment below.

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