Age Appropriate Chore List for Children 9 years to 12 years

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The older children get, the more helpful they are to the family. If your children have been doing chores around the house since they were little, you are well aware of how beneficial this has been for your family at this point. At these ages, your kids can handle even more responsibility.

See the below age appropriate chore list for children 9 years to 12 years:


In Their Room

  • Change sheets and put dirty sheets in hamper.9-12yrs
  • Complete responsibility for their rooms on a daily basis (make bed, put clothes, toys and projects away and straighten dresser drawers and closet)
  • Pack own suitcase.


The Rest of the House

  •  Assist in household projects/repairs (painting, etc.)
  • Clean the bathroom.
  • Cut flowers and make a centerpiece.
  • Do chores without a reminder.
  • Do more difficult cleaning projects (scrubbing kitchen floor, windows)
  • Do simple ironing.
  • Empty garbage pails in house.
  • Feeding baby and younger siblings
  • Fold blankets.
  • Get own snacks
  • Help others with their work when asked.
  • Help prepare simple meals.
  • Help rearrange furniture. Help plan the layout.
  • Help wash the car.
  • Help with defrosting and cleaning the refrigerator.
  • Increased responsibilities for younger siblings (dressing infants/toddlers, entertaining them for longerperiods, helping with school work)
  • Learn to wash dishes independently.Make more complex meals/snacks (pour and make tea, coffee, and instant drinks, beginning meal planning).More difficult cleaning projects (scrubbing floors, etc.)
  • Operate the washer and dryer.
  • Polish silverware, copper, or brass items.
  • Put away groceries
  • Put siblings to bed and dress them.
  • Run own bathwater.
  • Sew buttons and sew rips in seams.
  • Simple first aid.
  • Take care of younger siblings with parent in house.
  • Wait on guests.
  • Wash and dry dishes or load/unload dishwasher.


In the Yard

  •  Build a campfire.
  • Check and add oil to car under supervision.
  • Clean patio furniture.
  • Clean pool and hot tub.
  • Clean up animal “messes” in the yard and house.
  • Cleaning yard
  • Gather wood for the fireplace.
  • Get items ready for BBQ (charcoal, hamburgers).
  • Help build things.
  • Help with car maintenance (help with minor repairs, learn tool usage, wash/wax).
  • Learn the purpose and usage of tools (lawn mower, hand tools, etc.)
  • Paint fence or shelves.
  • Pick fruit off trees.
  • Rake leaves.
  • Take pet(s) for walks.
  • Unsupervised yard work (i.e., lawn mowing, edging, clean-up, gardening).


Away from Home

  •  Cross streets unassisted
  • Do neighborhood chores.
  • Handle sums of money up to $5.00.
  • Responsible for a paper route.
  • Summer jobs (lawn mowing, dog sitting, babysitting, odd jobs for vacationers).



  •  Answer telephone and take messages.
  • Help write simple letters.
  • Receive and answer own mail.
  • Write thank-you notes.

 Question: How about you? What chores have you been able to give your child?  How has giving your child chores helped to build their character? Please leave a comment below.

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