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Time Capsule:  Medieval England – Unit Study for grades 2-8

If you’re tired of hearing whining or complaining from your child Medieval_PBOOK001 when it’s time to start school then you’ve come to the right place!  Whoever said that kids need to sit still while listening or filling our worksheets in order to learn?!? Make learning fun again!  Throw away those workbooks and purchase a Time Capsule Unit Study instead.  Study after study shows that kids learn best when all of their senses are engaged.  Time Capsule unit studies fully involve your child in the daily life of the time period they are studying.


Click here for more information or to purchase Time Capsule: Medieval England



Learn & Grow: Hands-on Preschool Curriculum

Learn & Grow is packed with true hands-on learning LearnAndGrow_PBOOK001for your preschooler, ages 2 – 4. The lessons are super fun for your child and the instructions are incredibly easy for parents to understand – even for the non-experienced teacher. Each lesson includes materials lists as well as detailed step-by-step instructions.  These make it simple and quick for you to finish planning and get to the fun stuff.

Click here for more information or to purchase Learn & Grow: Hands-On Lessons for Active Preschoolers




Teach Me About God: Hands-on Bible Preschool Curriculum

Would you like to study the Bible with your preschoolerTMAG_PBOOK008 but don’t know how to get started?  Young children are like sponges. They are eager to learn about anything that we take time to present to them. Who better to spend time teaching them about than our Lord and Savior, the Creator of Heaven and Earth?!?  Theology is a deep subject but it doesn’t have to be intimidating to approach with our children. You don’’t have to be a trained educator to teach your child about God.

Click here for more information or to purchase Teach Me About God: Hands-On Bible Lessons for Active Preschoolers




Dan and the Deer

A Christian easy reader that you and your little DanAndTheDeer_PBK017ones will enjoy!
Dan loves apples! He’s so excited when his parents help him buy and plant an apple tree in his own yard.

Unfortunately, someone else also loves Dan’s apple tree… and that someone is threatening to destroy it! What will Dan do? Will his tree survive?

Join Dan on this adventure. Will his tree survive? Will Dan learn how to rely on God when things aren’t going as planned?

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Lessons from the Garden:  Why All the Weeds?

A Unique Retelling of Adam and Eve in the WhyAllTheWeeds_PBK017Garden of Eden that your Kids Will Love!

Dolly, a young dinosaur, loves to ask questions. No matter what she’s doing, she is constantly asking questions. Whether she’s helping her mom hang the laundry or eating dinner… Dolly has many questions running through her mind.

One of the things she wonders about is why there are so many weeds in the garden. When she asks her grandpa this question, he takes her on a trip down memory lane to explain exactly why weeds came about.

Join Dolly on this adventure. What will happen after she discovers the origin of weeds? Will Dolly finally be satisfied with her grandpa’s answer?

Click here for more information or to purchase Lessons from the Garden:  Why All the Weeds?

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