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6 Important Considerations for Raising Engaged Citizens

In America, our midterm elections are being held today.  It’s so important that we all go to the polls and vote.  Homeschooling used to be illegal in America and we are always one election away from losing all of the hard fought for educational freedoms that we hold dear.

Election day got me thinking about how important it is that we raise our kids to be engaged citizens.  As many of their peers are being indoctrinated in the schools, it becomes even more important for our children to be able to stand against the tide, to vote for people who hold the same Christian principles as we do, and to stand up for what’s right in a society which is increasingly embracing whatever feels good.

Here are 6 Important Considerations for Raising Engaged Citizens:

  • reading the bibleFirm Foundation – We must raise our children to not only believe in God, but to have a deep knowledge of who He is.  Immerse them in the Bible. Help them to become familiar with catechism for whichever denomination you see fit.  Be sure to study apologetics with them so that they also understand WHY they believe what they believe.  Help them to be able to think through their faith so that it becomes something they own and not just something their parents believe.
  • Be Aware – It’s important that our kids know what’s going on in the world around them.  Watch the news with them.  Discuss current events.  Point out what’s going on in your community.  A good tool we’ve recently discovered is CNN Student News.  It is a non partisan news program for students which does a great job of being entertaining as well as informative.
  • Be Informed – It’s also important that our kids have a good grasp of history.  We need to be careful when teaching our kids history.  So many textbooks are presenting revisionist history to our kids.  For accurate historical materials, I recommend Wallbuilders, The Providence Foundation, and The Light and the Glory series (adult version or young readers version.  Also, you may want to consider sticking to books rather than textbooks while teaching this important subject.  Do your research before presenting the materials to your kids to be sure they are learning accurate history.
  • Reach Out – Engaged citizens care about the world around them.  Volunteer with your kids.  Teach them to pray for others.  Help them to develop a caring spirit for the people around them.
  • Speak Out – Our kids need to know that it’s important for them to stand up for what’s right.  Help them to be comfortable respectfully speaking their mind.  Teach them to ask good questions.  Speech classes are a great experience whenever possible.  It’s not enough for our kids to know what’s right – they need to be willing to share that information with others.  This also includes sharing the gospel message!
  • voting boxVote – In America, as well as many other countries, we have the precious privilege of being able to have a voice in our government.  We need to exercise that right whenever it’s available.  Take your kids to vote with you.  Make it a big deal, no matter how small the election.  Watch the returns coming in on TV with them.  Study government so that your kids understand how it all works and how vital it is that they participate.

It’s important that we prepare our kids to be engaged citizens someday.  Today, on election day, remember the huge sacrifices made by so many to give us the right to vote.  Please take advantage of this important opportunity!

Question:  Did you vote today?  Do you take your kids with you when you vote?  Please leave a comment below.


2 thoughts on “6 Important Considerations for Raising Engaged Citizens”

  1. What a great list of tips! I love that you put God first. I really work on your Reach Out point. I take my kids to volunteer and my son and I pray daily for others, including a few children we sponsor in Africa. It means so much to teach our children to truly care about other people and want to help them in every way possible, including daily prayer.

    1. Thanks, Candace. Sounds like you’re doing a great job at helping your kiddos to develop a heart for others! 🙂

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