Can I Help My Students Learn Better with Fun, Engaging Lessons?

boy smiling

How can you help your students learn better? Fun learning activities for boys are easy to incorporate into your day with a little bit of creativity. Boys love active, challenging, risk-taking lessons that provide instant gratification. They learn much better with a kinesthetic, hands-on approach. They are much less tolerant of completing worksheets and sitting still for long periods of time than are girls.


When we first started homeschooling boys, we were so conscientious about trying to use traditional school methods. We had our boys sitting at desks for long periods of time and their schoolwork lasted all day long. We wanted our sons to receive an education that was highly superior to the one they would receive in a traditional school setting, so we really pushed our boys to learn as much as possible.

The first few years it was alright because they were young and most of our learning activities were games or crafts or hands-on learning – which was fun for them, anyway. Once our boys got a little bit older and their studies included a lot more reading and writing and math, we realized what we were doing wasn’t giving our boys a superior education. It was killing their love for learning. Our boys started to whine and complain when it was time for school instead of being excited about learning new things.

Homeschooling is so flexible and we needed to use that flexibility to our advantage. We learned how to introduce fun learning activities for boys back into our school day and our boys have learned to love doing their schoolwork again.


Some of these articles describe fun learning activities for boys and some give tips for remembering what’s important:

Students learn better with fun, hands-on lessons. Your boys will also learn better when the learning is presented with strong emotions. Make lessons fun, exciting, happy, or startling and your sons will learn faster and remember their lessons longer.