The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Boys

Have Questions About Homeschooling Your Boys?  Need Help?

What You Will Learn

  • If you have a son, you already realize that he is much different than your daughters… but did you realize that boys and girls actually see differently, hear differently, and even THINK differently?
  • Tips for homeschooling your son without inciting all out rebellion
  • How to educate boys and enjoy a closer relationship with them at the same time

Who Should Read This Book

  • If you like Michelle’s writing on then you’ll love this book!
  • Moms who are homeschooling boys
  • People who are considering homeschooling their sons
  • Anyone who is confused by their son’s behavior


Printed Book

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  • 420 pages of encouragement and counsel
  • Practical advice for homeschooling boys
  • Michelle candidly details the ups and downs of homeschooling her own sons.
  • Grab your coffee and settle in for some laughs, some tears, and a huge helping of inspiration.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I encourage you to learn more about The Ultimate Guide To Homeschooling Boys, especially if you have any inkling of a doubt that creeps in and frightens you during your homeschool experience.  Michelle will help you understand and know that homeschooling your boys is worth it – and will bless you and your family.” (Read More)

Amy Milcic from Rock Your Homeschool

“Just finished the homeschooling boys book.  It was awesomely written.”