7 Time Management Tips for Homeschool Moms

Do you ever feel at a loss for how you're doing to juggle all of your responsibilities as a homeschool mom? Have you experienced overwhelm and wondered if there's any way to add more hours to your day? Homeschool moms have a lot of responsibilities on their plates and...

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My Super Simple Homeschool Planning Method

When I first started homeschooling my boys, I made lesson planning harder than it needed to be. I remember sitting on the floor of our schoolroom pouring over their books for HOURS every weekend while trying to figure out what to teach them for the coming week. It was...

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The Importance of Learning to Say No

As a society, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. No matter where we go, we seem to have someone giving us another task to do. At the dentist's office, we're told we need to brush our teeth three times a day and floss. At the doctor's office, we're told we need to...

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What Homeschool Moms Wish The Outside World Understood

Homeschoolers often feel misunderstood by the outside world. People pepper us with questions about the educational choice that we've made for our children and they often don't understand why we would choose a life where we are paddling upstream. I recently polled my...

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5 Vital Things You Can Do to “Harden Off” Your Son

In my opinion, boys in school are exposed to things before they are ready. They are forced to leave their homes and be responsible for themselves in a way that my boys never had to at those young ages.  School kids grow up so much earlier than do homeschooled kids and...

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Boys Need Respect: 7 Ways to Respect Your Son

It’s important for moms to not only give their sons their love but also their respect. Sometimes we can lose sight of the fact that our sons are actually men in training. Once they get to a certain age, they begin to have some of the same needs for respect as do their...

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