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This first week of 2017, as we all ponder how our homeschools are functioning and whether or not we should do a mid-year reboot, I find myself thinking back to some of the more touching blog posts I’ve read over the past year.  I am thrilled to be just one of a number of homeschool bloggers who come to you week after week in an attempt to bring our readers great content.

10 Posts That Spoke to Me Most in 2016

Homeschool blogging is a labor of love and many of us view it as a ministry.  There are so many wonderful bloggers out there who are inspiring and informative and who just plain make me laugh.

Reading how other homeschoolers do things helps me to realize that I’m not alone on this journey.  I hope you are enjoying many of their posts as well on a regular basis… and that they as much of an encouragement to you as they are to me!

Here are the 10 blog posts that spoke to ME most in 2016:

10 – What 20 Years of Homeschooling Taught Me by Emma Right from Candidly Christian

A wonderful post about learning to set realistic expectations for ourselves and for our kids.

9 – Learning to Dream Again by Amy Mattson from Raising the Extraordinary

A beautiful post for parents of special needs children.  This post also helped remind me that we need to appreciate our children for who they are rather than expecting them to be like everyone else.

8 – Balance is for the Birds by Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley at My Little Poppies

We often talk about achieving balance and how that would be a good thing… but is it even possible to attain?

7 – Are We Still Unschooling? by Erin Vincent from Nourishing My Scholar

A beautifully honest post about the struggle to find the homeschooling rhythm that works best for this family. I’m sure most of us can relate.  The struggle is real!

6 – What Does it Mean to be a Mom? by Lara Molettiere from Lara

A poignant post about the beautiful, sparkly parts of motherhood… as well as the harder parts we all experience.  Touching!  Moms are important!

5 – What a Flat Iron Taught me About Parenting by Misty Bailey from Finding Joy in the Journey

A poignant post about giving our kids grace and remembering that they are still learning and growing.

4 – So, I Can’t Bake An Apple Pie by Betty Daley from Let’s Get Real

Another touching post about not being so hard on ourselves and expecting to be all things to all people.

3 – To the Mom Who Gave Me Her Screaming Newborn In Target: You Will NOT Find Yourself Alone – by Jessica Johnston from Wonder Oak 

Such a beautiful post about the importance of moms being there for each other and offering support rather than judgment.

2 – Be That Person (video) – by Rachel Farnsworth from The Stay at Home Chef

Alright, this isn’t even a blog post – it’s a short video.  But it’s so touching!  Rachel talks about the importance of accepting ourselves and the damaging effects of criticism.  Watch it and be blessed!

1 – Let Them Be Boys by Durenda Wilson from Simple Nourishing Home

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!  I love that Durenda has graduated her sons and she still has this philosophy.  Learning doesn’t have to be so painful.  Read this and be moved.

Like a Few More Suggestions?

Oh my goodness, there are so many blog posts that touched me this year.  I just couldn’t limit myself to just ten posts.  Here are a few more for your reading enjoyment.  Pssst!  These are both good for some laughs as well.  🙂

What is a Weird Homeschool Mom, Anyway? by Meagan Goepferich from More Than a Homeschool Mom

This is just plain funny.  Are you weird?!?  Maybe it’s time you found out…  (wink, wink)

Seven MORE Things You Should Stop Doing If You Homeschool – by Amy Dingmann from The Hmmmschooling Mom 

Such good advice.  Seriously!  And given in the most unserious way that Amy is amazingly good at.  Are you doing any of these?!?

Well, now you know some of the blog posts that have personally touched me over the past year.  Hopefully, you are also being regularly inspired by reading these and other amazing homeschool bloggers.  It always blesses me to know that I’m not out here doing this homeschool thing alone.

Which posts have touched YOU most?  I’d love to know!  Please leave a comment below.


10 Posts That Spoke to Me Most in 2016

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10 Posts that Spoke to Me Most in 2016