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Not surprisingly, CHORES is one of the hot topics on our website. In today’s culture, many parents experience a strong push to involve their children in so many extracurricular activities that they are busy from the moment they wake up until they go back to sleep at night.  It has become increasingly hard to avoid stress overload.

Avoid-stress-overloadMany other parents are so busy with their own activities that they don’’t have the desire or the energy to do much at all with their kids – so they sit them down in front of the TV and hope for the best. Either way, Americans aren’’t left with much time for just being a family.

As homeschooling parents, we have the unique opportunity to try to carve more family time out of our day. We can organize our days to get the schoolwork done before Dad gets home at night. We can also schedule a few extracurricular activities into the afternoons leaving more nights free for family time. More family time means dinner together around the table, family game night, reading books together, etc. But more time at home also means the kids can get involved with helping out around the house doing chores.

It is important to have your children help out with chores around the house. It is also important that our children not feel too overloaded with responsibilities and activities. Be sure to help your kids to maintain balance in their young lives – while also teaching them the responsibilities required for helping to take care of their home.

Younger kids love to get involved if they feel they are helping you as opposed to having to do it themselves. Jump in there, roll up your sleeves, and show your child how to get their work done. You will both have more fun and your child will enjoy spending the extra time with you as well.

For other practical ideas on getting your child involved with chores while maintaining balance, check out the Chores section of my Amazon bookstore to take a look at some guides.

Question:  How does your family maintain balance?  Are you stressed out – or do you have tips to help others who are stressed?  Please leave a comment below.