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Overview: Looking for books your son will ENJOY reading?!? Here are some of the BEST books for 8-year-old boys which will help them see how fun reading can be!

Got a son who doesn’t like to read? Sometimes we can have a false idea that our sons don’t enjoy reading simply because we are always trying to get him to read the wrong books. There’s a time for reading books that will challenge their minds. But that shouldn’t always be the case. Think about it. If every book you were given to read made you WORK, how often would you CHOOSE to read?!? Not as often, that’s for sure.

So, why do we do that to our children? If we want to raise readers, we need to let them see how fun and exciting reading can be. We need to hand them books that will open new worlds for them. Make them laugh. Help them to see the world from a new perspective without making them run to the dictionary every 5 minutes to look up the meaning of another word.

Reading can and should be fun – at least most of the time.

Here are 30 of the best books for 8-year-old boys which will help them to learn to LOVE to read!

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Best Adventure Books for 8-Year-Old Boys

1 – The Redwall series by Brian Jacques

This epic series details the adventures of the animals who live in Redwall Abbey. They are peaceful by nature yet brave in the face of evil. Don’t be surprised if your sons want to read this series over and over. My sons both think this is one of best series of books they’ve ever read!


2 – Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink

Caddie’s adventures help kids to learn what it was like to grow up on the Wisconsin frontier in the mid-1800s. Boys and girls alike can relate to her as she has a penchant for pulling pranks and she finds herself on plenty of adventures.


3 – The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

Come along on this journey with Milo, a young boy who thinks everything is boring. When a tollbooth mysteriously shows up in his room, he enters it simply because he has nothing better to do. But over time, he realizes how exciting life really can be. This book is filled with plays on words, puns, profound insights and is pure fun.

4 – Bear Grylls Adventures series by Bear Grylls

Harry finds himself stuck in an extensive cave system filled with bats, treacherous drops, and hidden dangers. Luckily, Bear Grylls is on hand to guide him safely out! You’re given a magical compass and suddenly you’re no longer at outdoor camp but in an amazing place in the world – with Bear Grylls as your guide!

5 – The Axel & Beast series by Adrian C. Bott

“BEAST had a sad history. A greedy, evil company called Grabbem Industries had built him. He was supposed to be a superpowered suit of armor that would let young Gus Grabbem Junior help his father smash things up; but when BEAST found out that the things he was meant to be smashing up were things he loved, such as plants, animals and … well … most of nature, he decided to get out.” BEAST is no ordinary robot, and Axel isn’t your usual gamer. But are they awesome enough together to escape from BEAST’s evil creators? The Axel & Beast books are packed with super-cool tech, a diverse cast, a lightning-fast pace, and word art and energetic illustrations, along with exaggerated, over-the-top situations – and villains – to keep emerging readers glued to the page.

6 – Extreme Adventures series by Justin D’ath

Action has a new hero – Sam Fox! With a talent for attracting danger, Sam Fox is an expert at getting himself into (and out of) the most extreme situations. This series has a strong appeal with a courageous young hero and exotic settings and has non-stop action and short chapters which will engage reluctant readers. A robber has kidnapped Sam Fox and his cousin Nissa during a tropical Cyclone. When the getaway car crashes into the raging Crocodile River, Sam and Nissa must face one ordeal after another to survive against incredible odds. The pace of all of the Extreme Adventure novels keeps readers gripped from the first page to the last. Sam is bounced so quickly from one adventure to another, readers will hardly have time to breathe.

Best Christian Fiction for 8-Year-Old Boys


7 – Trailblazer Books by Dave & Neta Jackson

These books are action-packed historical fiction introducing children to some great Christian heroes. Each story portrays a significant period in a hero or heroine’s life as seen through the eyes of the young main character. They are page turners!!!


8 – The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series by  M. J. Thomas

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series follows siblings Peter and Mary and their dog, Hank, as they discover ancient scrolls that transport them back to key moments in biblical history.


9 – Dangerous Journey by John Bunyan

This book is an abridged version of the classic Pilgrim’s Progress. The book is filled with compelling images and the text is just right to allow the message of the story to shine through for younger readers. Good stuff!


Best Historical Books for 8-Year-Old Boys


10 – Childhood of Famous Americans series

This series is fantastic. My son discovered how much he loved reading biographies after being introduced to this series. There are 100 books in the series! Written in the 1940s through the 1960s, each of these books details the life of a boy or girl who grew up to be an American hero. These books cover people such as artists, inventors, sports figures and statesmen.


11 – The Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne

The Magic Tree House series is best book series for kids who are trying to make the leap from picture books to chapter books. The chapters are short and they are extremely accessible for newer readers. And the stories will take your son on a journey to different times and places. I can’t recommend these highly enough!

12 – Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Little House books follow the Ingalls family as they travel from the woods of Wisconsin to homestead on the Western Prairies. These were some of my favorite books as a little girl and I was thrilled when I discovered that my sons loved them as well. Farmer Boy was definitely one of their favorites. But there is plenty of adventure in this series to keep boys turning the pages as well.


Best Humorous Books for 8-Year-Old Boys

13 – The Mythical Ninth Division series by Alex Milway

Three yetis are about to save the world, in this hilarious new series. Something strange is happening in the Welsh mountains. It should be the middle of summer, but Snowdonia has been besieged by blizzards and ice storms. A company of Arctic-trained soldiers sent to investigate has disappeared, and the only remaining hope is a secret troop of yeti agents – the Mythical 9th Division. With comic strip chapter beginnings, and detailed illustration throughout, Albrecht, Timonen and Saar’s latest mission is sure to engage both reluctant and eager readers.

14 – Jamie’s Amazing Cape Adventures series by Pete Johnson

BZZZZZZZ! Jamie’s amazed to turn his annoying little brother into a bluebottle fly with the help of his magic cape. But then he can’t turn him back!
One annoying little brother, one adventurous friend, and one magic cape make for exciting adventures with lots of action and plenty of laughs.

15 – Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish

If your son enjoys humorous situations, you can’t go wrong with any of the Amelia Bedelia books. Amelia takes everything everyone says quite literally and it puts her smack dab in the middle of some hilarious situations!

16 – Henry Huggins series by Beverly Cleary

If your son loves dogs you won’t want to miss these books. They are filled with stories of Henry and Ribsy, his rambunctious dog who is always getting into mischief. Beverly Cleary bases her books on the funny experiences of herself and the kids in her own neighborhood when she was a child.

17 – The Mouse and the Motorcycle series by Beverly Cleary

These books are about a boy and his motorcycle and the mouse who vows to take it for a spin. You can’t even imagine all of the fun adventures that await! This series is one that your sons will want to read again and again.

18 – Hank the Cowdog series by John R. Erickson

These books are hilarious. Told from the viewpoint of Hank, the Cowdog, who is head of security on a cattle ranch, these books will keep your son in stitches. The books are fantastic and the audiobooks are a treasure. Consider having the whole family listen to these books together after your son reads them. What a treat!!!

19 – The Enormous Egg by Oliver Butterworth

Nate is a bit surprised when his hen lays an enormous egg. But when a triceratops emerges, the adventure begins. This is a must read book, especially if your son loves dinosaurs!


20 – Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books by Betty MacDonald and Alexandra Boiger

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle lives in an upside-down house with a kitchen that is always full of freshly baked cookies. She was even married to a pirate once! Best of all, she knows everything there is to know about children. She never scolds naughty children but she has plenty of cures for their behavior that will have your son rolling on the floor.  NOTE: Be sure to look for older editions of this book as I’m told the newer versions have been updated to be more politically correct.


Best Mysteries for 8-Year-Old Boys


21 – Liza, Bill & Jed Mysteries by Peggy Parish

This series is filled with intriguing mysteries your son won’t want to put down. Real page-turners!

22 – Cabin Creek Mysteries by Kristiana Gregory

These books about a group of kids that live in the woods and have really cool adventures. They’re exciting but not too intense. The author also provides free study guides for this series on her blog.


23 – The Accidental Detectives series by Sigmund Brouwer

My son couldn’t get enough of these books. They feature short chapters and fast-moving storylines. This a great book series for kids for reluctant readers!


24 – Trixie Belden Mysteries by Julie Campbell

Trixie Belden books were some of my favorites when I was growing up. I wasn’t sure my sons would enjoy them as much as I had but they also fell in love with the characters and enjoyed going along for the journey as they solved mysteries together.


25 – The Cooper Kids Adventure Series by Frank Peretti

These books, which are reminiscent of Indiana Jones, will keep your sons glued to their seats. They are adventure stories that also help to build sound values in the reader. My sons couldn’t put them down!

26 – The Boxcar Children series by Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Boxcar Children is another series that has stood the test of time. These books are about the Alden children who are orphans and find themselves living in a boxcar. Fortunately, they don’t live there too long! Each book is a separate mystery that the children band together to solve.


27 – Encyclopedia Brown series by Donald J. Sobol

If your son enjoys a good whodunit he will love this series. Come along on the journey as Encyclopedia Brown cracks each case. The reader is able to puzzle out what happened right along with the boy sleuth.


28 – The Hardy Boys mysteries by Franklin W. Dixon

More mysteries for your son to solve. I preferred having my sons read the older volumes as some of the newer books had a bit of questionable language for young readers.


Best Sports Books for 8-Year-Old Boys

29 – All-Star Sports Stories series by Fred Bowen

If you have a son who loves sports, be sure to get these books in his hands. This is the best book series for kids who love sports of all kinds. Fred Bowen has written books that feature basketball, baseball, football, and soccer so there’s plenty of variety to choose from, no matter which sport your son prefers.


30 – The Kid Who Only Hit Homers and other Matt Christopher Sports Classics

More sportsbooks. Some boys can’t get enough of reading about sports. If this is your son, you’ll want to hand him a few of these books. Good stuff!

BONUS BOOK – Game Day Series by Patty Mills

Patty Mills has always been good at sports, so when he tries out for basketball, he expects it to be easy. When it’s not, he realizes he’s got a lot to learn, on and off the court, but will he and his school team be good enough to make the finals? These books were written by Patty Mills of NBA fame and will be so much fun for boys to read!

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When we allow our boys to read books that are filled with action, humor, and subjects that interest them, we are much more likely to raise sons who become avid readers. I hope this guide gets you started down the path of choosing books for your son that he will enjoy reading!

Question:  What is your 8-year-old son’s favorite book? Do you have any titles you would add to this list? If so, please share them below. Thank-you!  🙂