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Overview: Have kids who love dinosaurs?!? Help encourage READING by giving them books about things they’re passionate about. Here are books for your dinosaur lover!

Most kids, at one time or another, have a fascination with dinosaurs. Even adults enjoy learning about them and imagining what life would have been like when they were roaming the earth. I remember how amazing it was to witness the movie Jurassic Park in the movie theater for the first time. Wow!

When our children are interested in a topic, my best advice is to capitalize on their passion by giving them plenty of books, activity books, movies, lessons, field trips, and anything else you can think of that will allow them to learn more. Humans are much more likely to remember what they’re reading about it it’s something that excites them.

Here are 40+ Amazing Books for Your Dinosaur Lover:

Picture of That's Not My Dinosaur

That’s Not My Dinosaur (Ages 9 mo and up) – Meet five friendly dinosaurs in this special edition of the much-loved That’s Not My… book. Babies and toddlers will love touching the textured patches as they meet dinosaurs with fuzzy tails, bumpy teeth, and soft spines. 


Picture of Baby's Very First Slide and See Dinosaurs

Baby’s Very First Slide and See Dinosaurs (Ages 1 and up) – An engaging, interactive board book, specially designed for very young children, full of vivid colors, stylish illustrations, and friendly animals. Simple slider mechanisms allow a picture to be transformed.


Picture of How to Bathe Your Little Dinosaur

How to Bathe Your Little Dinosaur (Ages 1-4) – In How to Bathe Your Little Dino, the dirty little dinosaur doesn’t like to wash. How will he be clean in time for bed? The “How to” series of engaging board books is perfect for discovering and sharing the big moments and daily routines of every toddler’s life, from brushing teeth, to taking a bath, to going to sleep, to being a good eater. Filled with lovable animal characters, vibrant illustrations, and a playful rhyming text, each story features a child and their very own baby animal.


Picture of 199 Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals (IR)

199 Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals (Ages 2+) – This new picture word book has an attractive and unique format with detailed images to pore over and name. Vocabulary building is essential from a very young age as it will determine how well a child does at school and later in life. These unique picture books will give a child a good headstart.


Picture of Colorful World: Prehistoric

Colorful World: Prehistoric (Ages 2-5) – Look carefully! Something’s not the same… Solve the find-the-difference puzzles on every page and learn something about our colorful world at the same time. Find the stegosaurus that looks different. Are they all brachiosaurus? Find the sleeping plesiosaurus.
Something isn’t right here – spot what’s different! There’s a different puzzle to solve on every page and something to learn about at the same time!


Picture of I'm a Dirty Dinosaur

I’m a Dirty Dinosaur (Ages 2-5) – Stomp, splash, slide, dive … This little dinosaur just loves mud! What does a cheeky little dinosaur with a dirty snout do? Why stomp about getting dirtier and dirtier, of course! Children will delight in this dirty dinosaur’s playful antics and just may want to join in with the sniffing, snuffing, shaking, tapping, stamping, splashing, and sliding, not to mention the mud! A celebration of messiness and an irresistible read-aloud!


Picture of I'm a Hungry Dinosaur

I’m a Hungry Dinosaur (Ages 2-5) – From award-winning author and illustrator team, Janeen Brian and Ann James, comes this gorgeous new rhyming picture book about our favorite little dinosaur (I’m a Dirty Dinosaur), who is now hungry for cake. Ann James had great fun painting with flour, cocoa, icing, and sprinkles with adorable results that will inspire lots of rumbling tummies and cake making! Bright simple illustrations, card pages, and rounded corners make this a perfect book for the very young. Shake, stir, mix, bake . . . . This little dinosaur just loves cake!


Picture of Don't Tickle the Dinosaur!

Don’t Tickle the Dinosaur (Ages 3 and up) – Don’t tickle the dinosaur… you might make it roar!! Little ones just won’t be able to resist tickling the touchy-feely patches to hear each animal make a sound in this hilarious book. In the end, readers will find all the animals being noisy at once.


Picture of Little Coloring Dinosaurs

Little Coloring Dinosaurs (Ages 3 and up) – Little children will enjoy coloring the dinosaurs on every page. The simple illustrations make it easy for younger children to color without going over the lines. These first coloring books are perfect for little hands. Coloring books are also the perfect opportunity to develop essential fine motor skills, pencil control, as well as providing a creative, quiet time away from the screen. Children can learn how to draw squiggles and wiggles, spots and stripes, and color simple objects on every page.


Picture of Little Stickers Dinosaurs

Little Stickers Dinosaurs (Ages 3 and up) – Add these reusable stickers to bring the prehistoric scenes to life: show t-rex pursuing its prey and gentle giants munching their leafy lunch, meet some reptiles of sea and sky, and discover what may have happened on the day that sealed the dinosaurs’ doom. This book is ideal for keeping children entertained on weekends, on journeys, or on vacation. You can create your own scenes again and again in these charming sticker books!


Picture of Little Wipe-Clean Dinosaurs to Copy and Trace

Little Wipe-Clean Dinosaurs to Copy and Trace (Ages 3 and up) – Wipe-clean pages, stylish illustrations, and a wipe-clean pen combine to provide endless opportunities for children to practice their pen control skills. There are dotted picture outlines of all kinds of animals and birds to copy and trace to complete the wildlife scenes. Wipe-clean pages, stylish illustrations, and a pen combine to provide endless opportunities for children to practice reading and writing.


Picture of Peek Inside Dinosaurs

Peek Inside Dinosaurs (Ages 3 and up) – This simple book is filled with beautiful illustrations and facts about dinosaurs, perfect for young children. Young children can lift the flaps and peek through the holes in the pages to find out where dinosaurs lived, what they ate, and what happened to them.


Picture of Pop-Up Dinosaurs

Pop-Up Dinosaurs (Ages 3 and up) – Wander through the delightful pages to discover the prehistoric world buzzing with life in this busy pop-up book. Illustrations are brought to life in a burst of color and details as you turn each page to see a 3-dimensional scene emerge. Learn about dinosaurs, and see them pop-up and move!


Picture of Big Book of Big Dinosaurs (IR)

The Usborne Big Book of Big Dinosaurs (Ages 3 and up) – An enormous new book for kids fascinated by gigantic dinosaurs. It’s full of the biggest dinosaurs on land, in the sea, and in the air. This book includes giant foldout pages to show the most enormous dinosaurs as well as a simple timeline at the end shows when each dinosaur roamed the earth. The huge fold-out pages help to display information in a fun way!


Picture of Dinosaur Matching Games

Dinosaur Matching Games (Ages 3 and up) – With 36 colorful game cards and four boards, these matching games are an ideal way for young children to have fun while developing recognition, memory, and communication skills. The games are complemented by a beautifully-illustrated book that includes instructions and fascinating facts about each dinosaur.


Picture of Dinosaurs

Usborne Young Beginners: Dinosaurs (Ages 3 and up) – The younger version of the popular Usborne Beginners series, which contains over 40 titles, Usborne Young Beginners is an informative and exciting new series for children ages three and up, with soft, warm illustrations and simple text children can easily understand. This title delves into the exciting world of dinosaurs, answering your child’s questions! Young Beginners nonfiction books are an exciting reading series for young children, with lots of pictures and very simple, easy text.


Picture of Lift and Look Dinosaurs

Usborne Lift and Look Dinosaurs (Ages 3 and up) – Lift the flap in this delightful board book to discover the exciting world of dinosaurs. There are lots of things to spot and few hidden surprises along the way.


Picture of Noisy Dinosaurs

Noisy Dinosaurs (Ages 3 and up) – The prehistoric world was a noisy place, full of roaring tyrannosauruses, chomping sauropods, and hissing raptors. Little hands won’t be able to resist pressing the sound buttons and copying the dinosaur noises. Strong tabs allow scenes to be located quickly and easily.


Picture of Lifesize Dinosaurs

Lifesize Dinosaurs (Ages 3+) – Come claw to claw with a Utahraptor, go head to head with a Diplodocus, and compare your smile with a T-rex’s!


Picture of First Sticker Book Dinosaurs

First Sticker Book Dinosaurs (Ages 4 and up) – This bright and colorful book is ready to be filled with sticker dinosaurs, including favorites like the toothy T-Rex and the powerful Diplodocus. Children will learn how the Maiasaura protected her eggs, who escaped the T-Rex by speeding away on two legs, and which gigantic prehistoric animals lived underwater, through creative play and sticker fun.


Picture of Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers About Dinosaurs (IR)

Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers about Dinosaurs (Ages 4 and up) – This delightful book answers all kinds of dinosaur questions that young children ask. Lift the flaps to discover when, where, how, what, which, why, yes or no. These delightful lift-the-flap books explore all kinds of questions that young children ask. Lift the flaps to discover who, what, when, where, how, which, and why!


Picture of Dinosaurs - Shine-a-Light

Dinosaurs – Shine-A-Light (Ages 4-8) – Explore a world when extraordinary animals roamed the land. From the fierce Tyrannosaurus rex to the birdlike Compsognathus, the hidden wonders of the dinosaur world are revealed. Shine a flashlight behind the page or hold it to the light to reveal what is hidden in and around different places and things. Discover a world of great surprises!


Picture of Stained Glass Dinosaurs

16 Stained Glass Dinosaurs (Ages 4 and up) – Sixteen friendly dinosaur designs to trace and color, then tape to a window for the stained glass effect. 
Place the gatefold at the back under each tracing paper page to color with your favorite felt-tip pens. Then tape your page to a window for maximum effect!


Picture of Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth, The

The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth (Ages 5-9) – Oscar was sound asleep in his bed when suddenly he heard a crash outside his window. It was Timothy, a woolly mammoth, who’d come searching for his little brother. Lift the flaps, peek through the windows and open the gatefolds as Timothy and Oscar search through a magical museum of curious creatures to find Teddy before the clock strikes one. Is he munching sandwiches with a diplodocus in the Dinosaur room? Is he enjoying an aerobics class with the Extinct and Endangered Species? The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth is a riotous adventure, packed with fascinating true facts, plus some groan-worthy, laugh-out-loud puns. With stunning illustrations and pages and pages they’ll want to keep going back to, this brilliantly interactive book brings museums – and their inhabitants – to life! And if your kids love this one, you can also get the mammoth plush to go with it!


Picture of Big Dinosaur Sticker Book

Big Dinosaur Sticker Book (Ages 5 and up) – A fun and lively sticker book with busy dinosaur scenes to fill. Contains over 250 colorful stickers!


Picture of Dinosaurs Magic Painting Book

Dinosaurs Magic Painting Book (Ages 5+) – Brush water over the black and white illustrations and watch the prehistoric scenes burst into color! There are velociraptors hunting for food, pterodactyls flying high in the sky, baby dinosaurs being born, and much more. The back cover folds out so you can place it between the pages and prevent colors from running onto the page beneath.


Picture of Big Picture Book Dinosaurs (IR)

Big Picture Book Dinosaurs (Ages 6 and up) – BIG, small, feathery, furry, fierce and friendly, all kinds of dinosaurs come to life in BIG pictures. Explore this book to discover a lost world. ROAR! This series contains big, sturdy books full of pictures that introduce fun topics in a large, unique format, perfect for little learners.


Picture of Dinosaurs - Book & Jigsaw Puzzle

Dinosaurs Book & Jigsaw Puzzle (Ages 6 and up) – This delightful pack contains a 100-piece jigsaw of a lively dinosaur scene for children to assemble, as well as a 24-page picture puzzle book teeming with dinosaurs and objects to spot. There is also a black and white version of the jigsaw picture for children to fill in with their own pens. The puzzle measures 23 x 16 inches when completed.


Picture of Dinosaurs (IR)

Dinosaurs (Ages 6 and up) – How big were dinosaurs and what did they eat? Which dinosaurs were scary and which were friendly? In this book, you’ll find the answers and lots more about these amazing animals. This book is part of the Beginners series of books for children who are beginning to read on their own. The easy-to-read text has been specially written with the help of a reading expert.


Picture of Fingerprint Activities Dinosaurs

Fingerprint Activities: Dinosaurs (Ages 6 and up) – This little book is packed with step-by-step guides for children to create all kinds of dinosaurs using the paint provided and a pen. Children can learn how to make t-rexes and other ferocious dinosaurs as they fill the pages with their own finger-painting scenes. The fingerprint activity books are colorful books full of pictures for children to add their fingerprint to and with their own inkpad of seven bright colors with which to paint. The colorful ink pad allows children to make fingerprint pictures quickly and easily wherever they are, with no need for brushes. Inks are non-toxic.


Picture of Build Your Own Dinosaurs Sticker Book

Build Your Own Dinosaurs Sticker Book (Ages 6+) – All children – but little boys in particular – will find this book irresistible. The spreads are filled with dinosaur skeletons. With the stickers, cover the skeletons with the body parts: heads, arms, legs, and belly! Learn as you make up your own dinosaurs, and see them come to life on the page.


Picture of Nibbles: The Dinosaur Guide

Nibbles the Dinosaur Guide (Ages 6+) – What was a very serious book about very serious dinosaurs is suddenly interrupted by a hole – a nibbled hole – in the book. Who would do something like that? Little ones will love trying to find the culprit – Nibbles – hiding among their favorite, easily recognizable dinosaurs. Is he an herbivore? A carnivore? Or … a bookivore? Emma Yarlett’s Nibbles: The Dinosaur Guide is packed with flaps, folds, facts, and die cuts, plus one very naughty monster and an ending to make Houdini proud.  But has Nibbles bitten off more than he can chew?


Picture of Fold-Out Dinosaur Timeline (IR)

Fold-Out Dinosaur Timeline (Ages 6 and up) – Discover amazing dinosaurs and other incredible prehistoric creatures that lived alongside them in this beautifully illustrated fold-out book. Then turn it over to find out when they all lived, with fascinating facts about how big they were, what they ate, and when and how they eventually died out. Packed with amazing, fun facts to inspire a deeper interest in dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. High-quality illustrations make a lovely, informative piece of artwork that can be displayed standing open on its edge. Makes a wonderful, educational gift! These books fold out into one long, beautifully illustrated, and double-sided picture. Packed with amazing, fun facts to inspire any enthusiast, the high-quality illustrations make a lovely, informative piece of artwork that can even be displayed standing open on its edge.


Picture of 100 Pterosaurs to Fold and Fly

100 Pterosaurs to Fold and Fly (Ages 6 and up) – A creative activity book that allows children to make a variety of flying dinosaurs from the fantastically designed pages in this book. Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy having contests to see who can get theirs to fly the farthest!


Picture of Dinosaur Trivia Questions

Dinosaur Trivia Questions (Ages 6+) – Are you a prehistoric brainbox? Find out with this book of questions on some of the most amazing creatures to ever walk the planet.


Picture of Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar, The (Level 2)

The Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar (Level 2 Reader) – Sid enjoys scaring the other dinosaurs with his mighty roar. They don’t find it so funny. But what would happen if Sid ever lost his voice? He’s about to find out. Read with Usborne has been developed with the help of reading experts to support and motivate children in the early stages of reading. Clear, carefully leveled text and appealing illustrations help children progress and grow in confidence. Series: Read with Usborne Level 2 contains longer stories, typically 500-700 words, with a full book-length of 48 pages. They also have longer sentences and slightly more challenging vocabulary than level 1.


Picture of Origami Dinosaurs (IR)

Origami Dinosaurs (Ages 7 years and up) – Learn how to fold eight amazing origami dinosaurs with this pack. Includes an instruction book with easy-to-follow, illustrated step-by-step instructions, and 75 beautiful and uniquely designed origami sheets to fold into dinosaurs. Whether you’re in a car, train, boat, or plane, long journeys will pass by in a flash with these fun-packed pads.


Picture of Scurvy Dogs and the Dinosaur Boneyard (Book 2)

Scurvy Dogs and the Dinosaur Boneyard (Ages 7-10) – Our intrepid canine corsairs are on the trail of treasure again! But will they have bitten off more than they can chew? Arrrrr! Ahoy me mateys! Join Captain Hooktail and his hearty gang of Scurvy Dogs as they set sail on their hilarious pirate adventures in the sequel to Scurvy Dogs.


Picture of So You Think You Know About… Stegosaurus?

So You Think You Know About Stegosaurus? (Ages 8+) – Discover the secrets of this famous and easily identifiable species of dinosaur – what you learn may surprise you!


Picture of So You Think You Know About… Triceratops?

So You Think You Know About Triceratops? (Ages 8+) – What do you know about the most famous of the horned dinosaurs? What does the latest science say?


Picture of So You Think You Know About… Tyrannosaurus Rex?

So You Think You Know About Tyrannosaurus Rex? (Ages 8+) – Learn all about Tyrannosaurus rex – probably the most famous dinosaur and one of the coolest predators in history!


Picture of So You Think You Know About… Velociraptor?

So You Think You Know About Velociraptor? (Ages 8+) – You may think you know all about this fast and deadly killer – have you been misled? Find out what scientists say!

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When we allow our kids to read books that are about subjects that interest them, we are much more likely to raise children who become avid readers. I hope this guide gets you started down the path of choosing books for your kids that they will enjoy reading!

Question:  What is your dinosaur lover’s favorite book? Do you have any titles you would add to this list? If so, please share them below. Thank-you!  🙂