Through My Childs Eyes Challenge

Through My Child’s Eyes Challenge

I was sitting at a cousin’s funeral about a year ago, watching the video which was meant to sum up his life. The thing that struck me from the video was that there were a ton of pictures of him and his wife together. I kept thinking, “How many pictures could my family find of me for my funeral?”

Through My Childs Eyes ChallengeI’m the photographer in the family. I’m usually the one who makes the effort to grab the camera. I’m the one who wants to document the events in my family members’ lives. Because of that, however, there are less pictures with me in them than of everyone else.

Most of the time, I’m glad that’s the case. It isn’t easy for me to get my picture taken. I feel as uncomfortable in front of the camera as I feel comfortable behind it. How can someone who loves taking pictures so much have such a hard time having them taken of herself?

I believe it stems from my childhood.  You see, my mom was the same way. She would take pictures of my dad and us kids… but she was never in any of the pictures herself. My dad would offer to take pictures of her occasionally… but she always refused. She felt fat… or she was having a bad hair day… or she just plain didn’t want her picture taken.

What is it about us moms that makes us so reluctant to have our pictures taken?!?

When I look in the mirror, I see a bad complexion, flat hair that doesn’t want to cooperate, and I notice every grey hair that happens to be springing from my head. Fortunately, that’s not what my husband and boys see when they look at me. My husband can look me in the eye, right after rolling out of bed, and tell me that he thinks I’m beautiful.

My boys can hug me and smile and me, even if I haven’t done my hair or makeup and am still wearing my pajamas.

Having a blog, I post pictures of my family all the time.  I recently started posting an occasional picture with me in it as well.  Believe me, that was a VERY HARD thing for me to do.  I’d much rather remain the faceless presence behind this blog. But to my surprise, no one left a nasty comment on my blog about it. I’m learning that I’m much harder on my own image than anyone else.

I have much more grace with other women than I do with myself. I smile when others post pics of themselves that look real… while cringing at my own image. I compare myself looking at my worst with other women looking at their best. I’m sure I’m not the only mom who does this to herself…

Because of this, my friend Brandi Jordan at and I decided to host the #ThroughMyChildsEyes Challenge. During the month of September, Brandi and I are encouraging you to take part in this challenge. To take part, you need to have at least one photo of yourself taken each week during the month of September. The photo can be a selfie with your children, a photo taken of you by your child, or a photo taken by someone else. The point is to be present in the picture with your children. Set aside your insecurities, embrace the moment, celebrate your children’s childhoods and be present.

Ways You Can Participate:

  • Accept the challenge!
  • Blog about accepting the challenge!  Use the graphic below (please don’t alter it in any way) to show your support.
  • Add your blog post to the Linky below using the “Add My Link” button.
  • Promote the challenge on social media.
  • Tell your friends and family.
  • Post the pictures of you and your children on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ThroughMyChildsEyes(You are not required to post your pictures on social media. The pictures are ultimately for your children and your family, so don’t let the thought of the world seeing them hold you back.  You can keep them to yourself offline.)
  • This blog post will be updated each week with my experience.  Please come back and leave a comment about your experience so that we can support you!


I Accept the #ThroughMyChildsEyes Challenge Linky Guidelines:

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  • Return next week and let us know how the challenge is going for you!

Through My Childs Eyes Challenge



Here’s my first challenge photo – attending a minor league softball game with my family.

Through My Childs Eyes Challenge



Here’s my second challenge photo – after watching my boys play flag football with a group of homeschooled kids.  It’s definitely a challenge to remember to jump into the picture!

Through My Childs Eyes Challenge


Well… I didn’t get a picture taken of us this week.  I’m going to upload this picture of us from almost exactly a year ago when we were on vacation at Colonial Williamburg. Do you see how much my boys have grown from the previous picture?!? Wowsa. No wonder I can’t seem to make our grocery budget anymore!

Through My Childs Eyes Challenge


Have you taken the challenge, yet?  I’d love to hear how it went!  Please link up or leave a comment below.  🙂

6 thoughts on “Through My Child’s Eyes Challenge”

    1. Thanks, Brandi. It has been fun doing this challenge with you. WAY out of my comfort zone. How has it been going on your end?

  1. Wow Michelle! You hit the nail on the head with this post. Excellent!! I know exactly what you mean about always being behind the camera and not in front of it. I, too, am the picture taker and “camera avoider” in my household for the same reasons that I think many women claim. I will take your challenge because I realized that I’m not in many family pictures. I wrote about the same thing if you’re interested in reading about it: Please keep sharing your posts with us – we want to keep up with your progress, too! 🙂

    1. Michelle Caskey

      It’s definitely a challenge. I have to purposefully hand the camera over – and decide in advance that I’m going to do it – or it doesn’t happen. Still working on doing this on a regular basis… but making some progress.

  2. Thanks for sharing this post! I am not in many pictures either. I’m also the one behind the camera most of the time. I like your challenge idea.

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