Dad with sons at Creation Museum

The Creation Museum

We just went on one of the most inspiring and amazing field trips that we have ever taken – it was to the Creation Museum in Florence, Kentucky. Florence is just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, and it within a day’s drive of most of the United States. Strategically located in the middle of the country, the Creation Museum stands as a testament to the work of our Almighty Creator, God.

We first arrived at the museum about half an hour before they opened – so we toured the grounds which contain a OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbeautiful botanical garden reminiscent of the Garden of Eden. There were thousands of beautiful flowers, suspension bridges, pergolas, picnic areas, waterfalls, and sculptures of dinosaurs were abundant.  My sons had a wonderful time following the paths to see the T-Rex, the water dinosaur, and to walk across the many bridges. It was truly beautiful.

Once we headed inside, we were unprepared for what awaited us.  The museum exhibits blew us away. You can feel the effects that sin has had on our world as you walk down graffiti alley and through the culture in crisis exhibits. We were excited as we toured the Garden of Eden and saw the pristine state of the created world. We were amazed as we got to walk through Noah’s ark and see the wall of water heading toward us in an amazingly impactful video segment. We were thankful once again as we saw Jesus’s sacrifice for us on the cross in the Last Adam theater.The main hall is filled with anamatronic dinosaurs and people who are sitting next to each other in harmony. There are all sorts of top quality displays which explain how God created the world in 6 literal days, just as He says he did in the Bible. We were impressed – and then we realized we hadn’t even entered the actual museum displays!

While at the museum, we also got to view our very first Christian planetarium show. I was moved to tears when I saw how small our planet is on the grand scheme of things and realized how big our God is. I’ve always pictured God as big enough to hold our world in His hands. But He is so much bigger. When you pan out and see the stars and the galaxies in our universe it is shocking to realize how big our God really must be. It’s mind-blowing!!!

I would highly recommend that all families plan a trip to the Creation Museum as soon as you can possibly get there. You and your children will be completely Awe-inspired! And I can’t imagine a better learning experience than to be taught in detail about how the God of the universe spoke our world into being. It was awesome!


For more information about the Creation Museum, check out their website.