Affordable Escape Rooms at Home for Families and Kids

Want to try escape rooms at home which are affordable yet fun?!? You can’t go wrong with these brand new puzzle books from Usborne Books & More.

I have always wanted to try an escape room with our family. But there has been one huge factor which has stopped me. The high cost! Escape rooms in our area can cost $25 per person or more for a 60 minute experience.

And most of them also book 8 people per hour, so for our family of four, we would not only pay a minimum of $100 but we would also be stuck with four random strangers during that time as well. Or we would be forced to pay for 8 tickets to have the room to ourselves. I may be cheap but that sounds like a lot of money to me for an hour of entertainment.

What if I told you that you can actually create Escape Rooms at home for less than the cost of one ticket? Plus, you can do it without having to burn through all of your printer ink to print it all out!

What’s So Special about these Escape Rooms at Home?

Usborne Books & More has created some amazing Escape Room books by Dr. Gareth Moore which he developed for ages 8 and up, but are fun for the whole family. They come as a large, hardcover book with additional puzzle pieces in an envelope.

There are currently two adventures to choose from:

* Escape Room: Can You Escape the Museum? (47 pages plus over 30 items to press out and make) – Your footsteps echo inside the deserted Egyptian gallery, and a shiver goes down your spine. Something doesn’t feel right. You try to leave, but the doors won’t budge – they’re locked. You’d better hurry up and figure out how to escape!

* Escape Room: Can You Escape the Video Game? (47 pages plus over 30 items to press out and make) – A strange game disc appears in your house. As the game starts up, you zoom through a vortex of glowing pixels, right into the screen! And BAM, you’re trapped inside the game.

How to Use these Escape Rooms at Home

There are instructions in the front of each book which explain how to play. Step one is to press out and fold the hint card sheets. Step two is to press out the rest of the perforated puzzle pieces and fold them as instructed so that they’re ready for use during the escape room experience.

They recommend using the provided tabs to hold the pieces together rather than taping so that after you’re finished, you can put the pieces back in the envelope to keep them safe for future adventures.

And that’s it. You’re ready to get started having fun!

Who These Escape Rooms at Home are for

These Escape Room experiences are perfect for kids ages 8 and up and for families. I have friends who enjoyed these over Christmas break and it was a great way to have some fun family time together. I also have friends who helped their kids get started with the first puzzles and then let them continue on without them.

Honestly, adults would enjoy these as well. The puzzles aren’t easy! I started trying to go through one of the books on my own and was surprised at how much brainpower it took to be able to solve even the first puzzle. Teamwork is key with these!!!

Benefits of Doing Escape Rooms

There are so many benefits to tackling escape rooms with your children:
1. Logic skills
2. Teamwork
3. Family time
4. Fun
5. Better Communication
6. Problem-solving and creative thinking

See Inside

This video will give you a sneak peek inside of these unique books!

Want More Information?

If you’d like to grab a copy of either of these escape room at home books for your family, you can do so here. If you’d like more information or would like to join my book group, please visit us on Facebook at Amazing Adventures with Books.

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