Apparently, both of my boys will be working actual jobs this summer. We were hoping our oldest son would find work for the summer now that he’s 16 years old. But my 15-year-old was also able to find work, which was a surprise to us. Where has the time gone?!? It’s hard to believe that they’re already old enough to be holding jobs outside of our home.

Thing is, this is a huge blessing. As parents, all of our efforts are building toward the day that our boys will move out, hold a steady job, and be able to provide for themselves and possibly a family. However, this doesn’t just happen without any intervention on our part. It’s important that we teach our sons how to take care of themselves after they move out of our houses.

10 Areas of Essential Life Skills for Teenage Boys

All of our sons are different and have different strengths and interests.  It’s impossible to teach our sons EVERYTHING; however, there are several main skills they should all master before venturing out into the world.

Here are 10 Essential Life Skills for Teenage Boys:

1 – Cooking

Some boys will do well by simply knowing how to create basic meals from a box, use the microwave, and use the toaster.  Others will enjoy this area and will appreciate gaining extensive culinary skills. At the very least we should teach our sons the following:

  • How to make a balanced meal with a protein, a vegetable, and a carbohydrate.
  • How to make a week’s worth of meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No one wants their son to try to live on macaroni and cheese or pizza for every meal.
  • How to use the various appliances in the kitchen – even knowing how to use small appliances such as a blender, food processor, bread maker, toaster oven, etc.
  • Let our sons use as many of our kitchen gadgets as we can – i.e., cheese grater, pizza cutter, egg slicer, colander, measuring cups, etc.

2 – Laundry

Be sure our sons knows how to do the basics of caring for their clothing.

  • Separating colors properly
  • Using detergent and various additives (i.e., stain remover, bleach, etc.)
  • Learning which items would be better to air dry versus using a dryer.
  • The proper way to iron a shirt
  • Knowing that it’s important to hang up clothing as soon as the dryer is done so that it doesn’t get wrinkled

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3 – Grocery Shopping

If our sons want to eat and don’t have extremely high paying jobs which allow them to eat all of their meals in restaurants, they will need to master this skill.

  • Making a grocery list
  • Comparing prices of various sized items
  • Shopping sales and/or coupons
  • Putting groceries away in an orderly fashion – putting the new stuff behind the old.
  • Going to different stores in order to save money.

4 – Budgeting

This is a super important skill. I recommend having all kids go through Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance for homeschoolers.  It’s best to go through this course with our sons before they have their first part time job so that they will understand the best way to handle their money.  Being financially responsible will serve them and their families well as they go through life. We went through this with our sons last year, but we will be doing a refresher with them now that they will be working summer jobs so that they can put what they are learning into practice.

  • Tithing
  • Have a savings account – save for something large like a car
  • Open and manage a checking account as well as writing checks
  • Proper use of a debit card
  • Paying a bill
  • Paying taxes

10 Areas of Essential Life Skills for Teenage Boys

5 – Cleaning

Teach our sons how to do all of the various cleaning tasks inside of our houses.

  • Help them to establish a simple cleaning routine and learn how to stick to it.
  • Doing the dishes by hand as well as with a dishwasher
  • Cleaning bathrooms including toilets
  • Using a vacuum
  • Dusting
  • Picking up clutter
  • Organizing a closet

6 – Maintaining the yard

Teach our sons how to do various landscaping tasks outside of our houses.

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Using a string trimmer
  • Planting and weeding a garden

7 – Maintaining the house

The more skills we can teach your sons in this area the better. The more handyman skills you and your husband know the more you will be able to teach your son. Fortunately, most of us have access to YouTube, which is a wealth of information. If we’re willing to learn alongside our sons, we can figure out how to do pretty much anything by watching YouTube videos.

  • Change a furnace filter
  • Add salt to the water softener
  • Add an electrical plug to a room
  • Paint walls
  • Turn off water supply lines
  • Unclog a toilet and a drain
  • Use the circuit breaker box

10 Areas of Essential Life Skills for Teenage Boys

8 – Maintaining a car

Everyone who drives a car should know how to maintain their car.  Teach them how to look up car repair videos online so that they can save money by doing minor repairs themselves versus having to have everything fixed by a professional.

  • Add air to a tire
  • Change a tire
  • Jumpstart a car
  • Refill various fluids
  • Be informed about when to bring the car in for service.
  • It’s also handy if we can teach our kids how to change the oil, change the brakes, or any other car repairs we know how to do.

9 – Job seeking skills

Obviously, these are super important unless your son becomes an entrepreneur, which is also a wonderful option.  🙂

  • Make a resume
  • Fill out job applications (whether online or on paper)
  • Prepare for an interview
  • Pick out suitable clothing, tie a Windsor knot, iron a shirt, etc.
  • How to properly shake someone’s hand

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10 – Other important skills

Someday, our sons will thank us if we have taught him how to do these skills as well.

  • Make important phone calls
  • How to talk to important people such as bank loan officers
  • How to ask questions of people when he doesn’t know how to handle various situations

There is no way you will ever be able to teach your child everything he needs to know.

If we teach our kids how to learn, they will be able to pick up various skills from different people along the way. Whenever they encounter a new situation, we want them to be willing to figure out the best action to take rather than being afraid to do something wrong and getting stuck.

Our boys really do want to learn life skills if we give them opportunities at the right time and in the right way. Let’s do what we can to raise responsible boys who grow into capable men. With a little bit of effort, we can achieve this goal more easily than we might think.

There are so many life skills that we should teach our sons. Do you have any other skills that you would add to the above list?  Please leave a comment below.

10 Areas of Essential Life Skills for Teenage Boys

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