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10 Tips for Family Fun This Spring

Overview: Looking for some family fun this spring? There are plenty of ways to have a good time as a family if you are prepared and keep these things in mind!

As spring approaches, families are itching to spend more time outside enjoying nature. We long for warmer temperatures and dream of picnics in the park or lazy days at the beach.

Unfortunately, spring weather isn’t always as warm and sunny as we might hope. And those April showers can definitely put a damper on our plans if we aren’t careful. Don’t let unpredictable weather keep you from planning fun family adventures.

Here are 10 tips to help your family have fun together this spring:

1 – Schedule Time

Our lives are busy and it’s easy for each week to pass by in a blur without taking the time for family fun. Block off a few nights or weekends a month where you will focus on family activities.

2 – Brainstorm Activities

Have a family brainstorming session where the entire family comes up with a list of activities you can do together. Be sure to include indoor as well as various outdoor activities so that you won’t be stopped if the weather turns sour.

3 – Perfection Isn’t Possible

Be careful about dreaming too big. Family adventures don’t have to be grand or expensive for them to be memorable. Be realistic about the amount of time and money you have to spend and then go for it.

It’s much better to choose a few activities which are close to home and fit within the family budget and to actually do them rather than to merely dream of huge trips you aren’t ever able to take.

4 – Fun Can Be Free

We don’t need to leave our property to have fun as a family. There are plenty of things we can do with our kids at home that won’t cost anything other than time. Have a game night or play together in the backyard.

Or a movie night where you enjoy popcorn and snacks together while watching a family favorite. I’ve created this fun Spring Scavenger Hunt Printable Pack for all of my email subscribers. If you’d like a FREE copy, you can join us here!

5 – Be Flexible

The weather can be extremely unpredictable in the spring. Look at the weather report before choosing an activity from your list and finalizing any plans. 

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6 – Dress for Success

There’s no such thing as bad weather – most times, anyway. Only bad clothing. Your family can enjoy outdoor activities in any weather by dressing appropriately. However, brace yourself for muddy clothes when you venture out in the spring.

7 – Take Advantage of Good Weather

Be willing to change your plans if you are experiencing unseasonably pleasant weather on one of your scheduled family fun days.

8 – Bring Along Food

Family days are more fun when no one is hungry or when you don’t have to scramble to find food along the way. Granola bars, crackers, and water bottles are easy to bring along.

For longer trips, consider bringing a loaf of bread and the fixings for sandwiches, whether that’s peanut butter and jelly or ham and turkey. Be sure to pack a few plastic knives and a roll of paper towel as well so that you can easily make sandwiches whenever people are hungry.

9 – Set Expectations

It’s important to let our kids know our plans in advance so that we don’t catch them off guard. Also, if you have younger kids, remember to give them warnings before you leave so that they can wrap up whatever they’re doing.

And let them know in advance what type of behavior you expect from them. Remember that your kids can’t read your mind. The day will be much more pleasant if everyone is on the same page.

10 – Relax

Remember that it’s all about making memories and spending time together. Don’t be in a hurry. And if we anticipate the unexpected rather than stressing about it, we can turn those situations into adventures rather than roadblocks.

If everyone enjoys themselves together, the day is a success regardless of whether things go according to plan.

Our ideas don’t always have to be complex or intricate. If we are being intentional about being fully present with our children, then the activity itself is less important. Keep these tips in mind this spring and you will have plenty of family fun.

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  1. I personally think the best kind of fun is free:) Because it shows you really enjoyed the people or the activity not just the place or the thing. These are great tips for spring family fun.

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