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I’m very fortunate to live in a state where the homeschool requirements are quite lenient. Homeschoolers where I live aren’t required to report to the local school district, to get curriculum approved by the powers that be, or to get kids tested on a regular basis. That being said, we are also not required to keep records of what the kids accomplish from year to year – at least not in the early grades.

Simple and Straightforward Homeschool Record Keeping

Homeschool Record keeping is still a really good idea, however, and is something I have been meaning to go back and catch up on for my boys. In fact, every year I make a resolution to go back and compile all of the things they have accomplished for our own satisfaction.

My boys have done lots of interesting activities that I don’t want to forget. So this year, I finally bit the bullet and sat down to create a record book for my boys’ school career thus far.

First, I created a record for what we were doing this year. That was obviously the easiest place to start because it’s all the subjects that we are currently doing. I added a picture of that child from the current year to help me see how much they are maturing from year to year.

Then I listed out each subject along with the specific materials we are using. I broke the year into two semesters and gave grades as well. At this age, we don’t move on with material until my boys are doing A-level work. As they get older, we will keep track of grades more in line with the way they do in schools.Homeschool Record Keeping

Next, I added a list of the books that I have read out loud to my boys this year. We always start our day out with me reading aloud to the boys. We find this to be a wonderful way to ease into our school day. After that, I listed all the books that my child has read on their own this year.  I also listed all of the audio books they have listened to.

Some years I have been better at keeping track of this than others. I think that when you keep track of these, you’ll be amazed at how many books your child will read throughout the year. Finally, I listed out the extracurricular activities and field trips in which each child had participated.

Once you get all of this recorded for your current year, I would recommend going back to the previous year and so on until you get as much as you can remember recorded for each year. Fortunately, I had kept book lists for some years. I also used photos that I had taken to trigger my memory for past field trips and extracurricular activities.

I put our school records in a three-ring binder, putting each page inside a plastic sheet protector for convenience and so that they will wear well. I would also recommend that you save these records in a computer file so that they can be easily updated and reprinted as you remember more and more.

Record keeping is the type of chore that some homeschool moms dread; but, once you get started, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. Creating these records brings back some fond memories and they will be a keepsake for you and your children for years to come.

Click on the image below to download a FREE student record in Microsoft Word format.

And if you have older children, you may want to check out the post I’ve written about keeping records during the high school years.

Have you been doing a good job with record keeping? Do you have tips you could share that have helped you to keep up with this? Please leave a comment below!

Simple and Straightforward Homeschool Record Keeping