7 Ways to Help Kids Use Up Their Energy

7 Ways to Help Kids Use Up Their Energy

Overview: Looking for ways to help kids use up their energy? If your kids are RESTLESS and BORED or you have a child with high energy, here are some ideas for helping them release some steam and have fun!

Many of us have started to experience days with less sunlight and colder temperatures. We’re also in the midst of homeschool lessons and various other commitments. These conditions are really ideal for producing kids who are filled with pent up energy!

Some days, when our kids aren’t burning off all of the energy that their bodies are producing, they can experience a lot of frustration and so can us moms! And if you have a child with high energy, this probably happens daily. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to help our kids use up all of their extra energy.

7 Ways to Help Kids Use Up Their Energy

When our kids are wound up, it’s hard for them to focus on their lessons. It can also be hard to keep their attitudes in check and to act appropriately. We’re setting our kids up for failure when we don’t give them opportunities to burn off their extra energy. This is true for all kids but it is especially true for boys!

Here are 7 Ways to Help Kids Use Up Their Energy:

1 – Outside Time

Spending time outside is an excellent way to let kids burn off their extra energy. Kids should spend time outdoors every day, if possible. We all need Vitamin D from the sun! And fresh air is good for us as well. If the weather is cold, bundle them up! Try to have fun things to do in your yard so that they’ll want to go outside. If you don’t have much of a yard, take them to the park or go on a walk with them. You can even use school playgrounds during their off hours!

2 – Extra Chores

When our kids are antsy, sometimes it’s because they’ve been sitting still for too long. Get them up and moving. Ask them to help with chores around the house. It’s especially helpful to get your boys doing chores which include hard manual labor. These tasks tire them out and help them to get their angst out in productive ways.

3 – Time with Friends

When our kids spend time with their friends, they burn off a ton of energy and have a blast. Invite another family over that has kids close in age to yours. Or invite just a few friends over to play with your kids. Make sure they spend at least part of their time with all electronics turned off for maximum effect! And if you can get them to play outside together, that’s even better.

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4 – Allow Messes/Noise

When our kids are filled with extra energy they’re going to be noisier. Try to be patient. If you expect them to sit quietly during these times, they may explode! Encourage them to attempt something adventurous. Help them to explore something they’re passionate about.

5 – Exercise

Obviously, exercise is a great way to burn off energy. Put in an exercise DVD and do it with your child. Have your son or daughter run laps around the house. Challenge everyone to do a certain number of sit-ups or push-ups. Ask your child to run down to the basement to get you an item.

6 – Indoor Activities

You don’t have to go outside to burn off energy. Help your kids to build forts with blankets and chairs, play active games with them such as hide and seek or Twister, have a dance party, make a car track with Washi tape, let them swim in your tub, have a snowball fight with scrap paper, allow them to skate indoors by putting their feet inside tissue boxes, have an epic Nerf gun war… the possibilities are endless.

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7 – Creative Pursuits

Sometimes kids don’t need their bodies to be active as much as they need their brains to get some exercise. Encourage them to write, direct, and star in a movie. Gather various sized cardboard boxes so that they can make a rocket ship or a castle. Dream with your kids about what they could do. The sky is the limit in this category!

This winter, as your kids get antsy, try some of the above activities. When we give our kids opportunities to burn off their extra energy, it is a win-win for the entire family.

Question: Do you notice your kids have extra energy to burn this time of year? Do you have any other ways to expend this energy that have worked well for your family? Please leave a comment below.

Originally written for True Aim Education. Reprinted with permission.

Looking for ways to help kids use up their energy? If your kids are RESTLESS and BORED or you have a child with high energy, here are some ideas for helping them release some steam and have fun!

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