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Overview: Boys, like their fathers, crave respect. Here are 7 ways to respect your son and create a more peaceful and loving relationship with him.

It’s important for moms to not only give their sons their love but also their respect. Sometimes we can lose sight of the fact that our sons are actually men in training. Once they get to a certain age, they begin to have some of the same needs for respect as do their fathers.

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This can cause a clash with their mothers, who are also looking for respect from their sons. This is especially true when our sons are imperfect at showing their moms the respect that they deserve.

Here are 7 ways to respect your son:

1 – You are awesome

Praise your son whenever he does anything good. It’s easy to point out all of the things he does which disappoint us. Try instead to focus on the positive. Be sure to praise him in front of others as well. This will build your son up faster than just about anything else.

2 – You can do it

Our sons benefit from our encouragement. When they are tackling a new task, be their cheerleader. When they are uncertain, ensure them that you have confidence in their abilities.

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3 – You are capable

Our culture mocks men and makes them look like idiots. You can’t watch a sitcom without seeing completely incapable men and the amazing women who are forced to continually bail them out. Help your son realize that he is capable. Set up situations where he is able to flex his muscles and help you out. Let him hold doors for you. Ask him to unload the car for you. As he gets taller, let him reach tall things for you. Let him carry heavy objects for you.

4 – You are appreciated

It’s easy to take your son for granted. Be sure to thank him whenever he does anything nice for you. Even if he’s merely following orders, thank him for doing so. If we want our sons to have grateful hearts then we need to have them as well.

5 – I value your opinion

Ask your son what he thinks should be done in certain situations. Listen to him when he offers you suggestions. Whenever possible, try to implement some of his ideas.

Boys Need Respect: 7 Ways to Respect Your Son

6 – I love you

Just because your son knows how to do his own laundry or makes his own lunch doesn’t mean he always wants to have to be the one to do it. Try doing nice things for your son every once in a while to let him know that you love him. Think of things that your husband knows how to do but appreciates when you do them for him. These might be things your son would also love to have you do for him on occasion.

7 – Speak in a kind tone – Let’s face it, sometimes our boys don’t use the kindest tone of voice when they are speaking to us. If we want our sons to show us respect, we should attempt to speak to them in a kind, loving tone no matter what tone they are using with us. This can be very hard to do at times; but, making the effort in this area can go a long way toward helping our sons to learn to speak kindly to us. It also communicates respect very quickly.

Boys, like their fathers, crave respect. If parents take the first step in showing their sons respect, then our sons will be much more likely to reciprocate. We need to model respectful behavior for them! This is a great step toward having more peaceful and loving relationships with our sons.

QUESTION: Do you find it easy or hard to respect your son? Do you have any tips you could share which have helped your son to feel more respected? Please leave a comment below.

Did you know that our sons NEED our respect? Click through to find out why this is important and HOW to do it! | respect | respect son | show respect |