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Looking for winter boredom busters!?! When the weather is cold and blustery or wet and dreary, kids spend more time inside. Combat their boredom with these amazing activity books!!

Winter is upon us and that means that many of us will have kids who are stuck inside more often, which can be stressful for everyone. Our kids either run out of things to do or they gravitate to loud, rambunctious activities that drive us poor parents crazy. In our desperation for some peace and quiet, we often offer up electronic devices to our children, which isn’t all bad but certainly shouldn’t be the norm. This is especially true if we have young children as screens aren’t good for their brain development.

Rather than plopping our kiddos down in front of the TV or hearing them moan and groan about how bored they are, why not be prepared with a Blizzard Bag we can use to keep our children’s minds engaged in a positive way.

When to Use a Blizzard Bag

A Blizzard Bag is basically a backpack or book bag which is filled with a variety of books/activities that will keep your child ENGAGED FOR HOURS.

Everyone should have a Blizzard Bag all packed and ready to pull out at a moment’s notice. Here are some times they come in handy:

❄️ As an Activity Bag to use on the go
❄️ When kids are stuck inside during blustery days
❄️ During rides in the car
❄️ When the grandkids or children of friends are visiting
❄️ At church

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to put a Blizzard Bag to good use.

How to Make a Blizzard Bag

Now let’s talk about MAKING these Blizzard Bags! The first thing you need to do is to acquire the bag you want to use. If you have a backpack or a book bag at home, I suggest using what you have. If you want to purchase something new, I would suggest one backpack for each of your children. Buy something that is small enough for your child to carry but large enough to hold a variety of books and supplies.

The next step is to choose which books you will put inside your child’s bag. These 6 categories of books will help keep your child engaged for hours:

✔️ Activity Books
✔️ Drawing Books
✔️ Coloring & Magic Painting Books
✔️ Sticker and Wipe Clean Books
✔️ Chapter Books and Storybooks
✔️ Writing Books

As you’re choosing the specific books you’d like to include in your child’s bag, be sure to choose a variety of options for maximum effect!

Activity Books for your Blizzard Bag

Activity books inspire creativity for even the most reluctant reader! They’re also EXCELLENT for younger children, hands-on learners, and they help kids develop their creativity. Click HERE to Find the Perfect Activity Book for YOUR child!

Drawing Books for your Blizzard Bag

Drawing and doodling books that will keep your kids entertained for HOURS! Do you have a child who loves art or who would love to learn how to draw? Click HERE to Find the Perfect Drawing Book for YOUR child!

Coloring & Magic Painting Books for your Blizzard Bag

Studies have shown that coloring is a great stress reliever even for adults! We have a variety of coloring & magic painting books including fashion, cultural designs, flowers, nature…Why not spend a quiet afternoon coloring together with your kids? Compare designs and have fun!

Click HERE to Find the Perfect Coloring Book or Magic Painting Book for YOUR child!

Sticker and Wipe-Clean Books for your Blizzard Bag

Fine motor skills are SO important and this category thoroughly takes care of that! Plus, these books are so engaging, fun, and some are even educational! Sticker books help your child improve his dexterity while wipe clean books help with skill repetition.

Click HERE to Find the Perfect Sticker Book or Wipe-Clean Book for YOUR child!

Chapter Books and Storybooks for your Blizzard Bag

What Blizzard Bag would be complete without a chapter book or two?!? Check out this video for chapter books for your readers and tell me which ones you think your child would enjoy most this winter. Click HERE to Find the Perfect Chapter Book for YOUR child!

Writing Books for your Blizzard Bag

Do you have a child who loves to write?!? These books would be excellent to help budding writers develop their skills. And the journals are great for ALL kids! I wish I had a few of these when I was a child.

Click HERE to Find the Writing Book for YOUR child!

What category of books do you think your kids will enjoy most? Do you see the benefit of being ready with a Blizzard Bag? Please leave a comment below!