Understand and Engage Your Son’s Heart and Mind

5 Ways Our Sons Will Be Different If We Homeschool Them

I recently heard from a mom who was concerned that if she homeschooled her son, she would be judged by other parents for it and that her son would likely be labeled as quirky.  I hated to break it to her... but she was right. Even though homeschooling is on the rise...

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Should You Be Concerned About Your Son’s Online Safety?

The digital age brings a wealth of information and conveniences, but we cannot ignore the risks it poses for our families as well.  As parents of boys, it's extremely important that we are aware of what they're doing when they're on the internet.  There are so many...

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5 Sneaky Ways to Teach History

Do you hear moans and groans when you try to teach history to your kids?  Or are they super excited when it's time to tackle this subject?  History is one of those subjects that can be a huge drag - or it can be the most interesting subject ever.  In fact, there are...

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14 Exciting Election Learning Activities

Looking for some election learning activities?  If you live in America, you're hopefully keenly aware of the upcoming presidential election.  No matter what TV station you're watching, what website you Google, or what radio station you're listening to, news about the...

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13 Ways for Homeschool Moms to Find Time to Recharge

Homeschool moms have a lot of different balls to juggle at the same time.  We hold the titles of wife, mom, and teacher.  We are in charge of coordinating house cleaning, dishes, laundry and the rest of the household chores.  We make sure everyone in our family has...

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7 Simple Principles for an Amazing Homeschool Year

At the start of each new homeschool year, our hopes are high.  We have so many things that we want to cover with our kids in the coming year.  We have fresh, new school supplies on hand.  Our lesson planning is well underway.  Even our kids are excited - whether they...

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