Understand and Engage Your Son’s Heart and Mind

Teaching Art Using Online Art Lessons

Is teaching art to our kids really all that important?!?  Shouldn’t we be spending the bulk of our time teaching them reading, writing, and arithmetic?  Shouldn’t we follow the trend of many schools by eliminating art from our homeschools so that we have... read more

A High Flying Learning Experience!

I’m a huge advocate of hands-on learning experiences.  Whenever an opportunity comes along where our kids can try something new, I try to take it.  I know for us, one of the most exciting field trips we’ve ever been on was when my 13-year-old son got to... read more

Stealth Homeschooling: 10 Sneaky Learning Methods

It’s finally May and I have just one thing to say… Hooray!  I love this time of year.  If you loosely follow the regular school calendar the way our family does, that means you have one month OR LESS before summer break.  Wahoo! This last month can either... read more

Been Saving Money for College?

Before having children, I had a great career as a network administrator.  I brought home some pretty good money!  In fact, I made at least as much as my husband did when we first met. We lived it up in the beginning of our marriage.  I remember how fun it was to be... read more

Parenting a Rebellious Child

There’s nothing quite like starting out your homeschool day with a child who refuses to do his schoolwork.  Or one who moans and complains when you ask him to help out with some extra chores.  Or even one who gets angry with you shortly after you have just done... read more

The Benefits of Sleep for Homeschooled Kids

Homeschooling is an amazing opportunity for our kids to learn about whatever their heart desires.  Most of our days have plenty of time left over for our kids to pursue their passions, to learn more about whatever subjects they find interesting, and to spend time... read more

9 Ways to Help Boys With Too Much Energy

Ever feel like your son has too much energy?  All healthy kids have lots of energy to burn… but boys are in a category all their own.  Boys will find ways to get their energy out if we let them. But sometimes we won’t be very happy with the choices they... read more

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