60 Homeschooling Tips from 60 Years

E-Book Review: 60 Homeschooling Tips from 60 Years

It’s not often that you get to pick the brains of homeschool moms with 60 year of experience between them. The book “60 Homeschooling Tips from 60 Years:  Inspiring Tips and Ideas from two Veteran Homeschoolers” by Kathie Morrissey and Donna Reish allows you to do just that. Kathy and Donna’s advice is encouraging as well as inspirational. It covers the gamet from homeschooling tips to marriage advice to character training and more.

60 tipsThe format of the book makes it easy to either read from cover to cover – or to use it as a troubleshooting manual.  Kathie and Donna take turns going back and forth with their writing.  The table of contents allows you to search for ideas in whichever area you are interested and to jump right to it.

Some of the topics which really spoke to my heart were phrases such as “stay home more”, “be fully present”, “remember that homeschooling is more than academics”, and “be flexible.”  Good advice for us all!

They also included some fun topics such as “eat a frog every morning.”  What?!?!?  After reading that tip, I’d have to say that I definitely agree with that advice!  The price of the ebook is worth finding out what they meant by that one suggestion alone!  🙂

One of my favorite parts that Kathie contributed was when she talked about how we shouldn’t just be teaching our children but teaching them how to learn and how to find answers.  She says that even doctors often have to look up answers in their reference books and medical journals.  Our kids need to develop this skill as well.

I loved it when Donna talked about creating fun school traditions and activities such as field trips, audio books, and making PE a family affair.  I heartily agreed with Donna when she said, “We taught them a contentment in homeschooling that made the fun even more fun, the special even more special, and the extraordinary even more extraordinary. The Fun Factor in Homeschooling–the fun begins when the normal is good too.”

“60 Homeschooling Tips from 60 Years” is accessible to the brand new homeschool mom as well as relevant to those of us with a few years under our belts.  I’ve been homeschooling for 12 years and I’m still finding lots of unique and specific tips that I’m looking forward to incorporating into our day. Be sure to grab a copy for yourself!

Kathie and Donna have been kind enough to offer up two free copies of this ebook to my readers.  To enter your name, simply leave a comment below and tell me why you would like to read this book.  I will choose two winners randomly from everyone who enters.

6 thoughts on “E-Book Review: 60 Homeschooling Tips from 60 Years”

  1. Hi, I’m a new homeschooling Mom. My youngest daughter is in 1st grade, and my son is in 4th grade. We are on lesson 24 today. I love homeschooling, and so do they. However I can’t say that it hasn’t been stressful trying to figure everything out without getting behind, also how to divide my time between my spiritual relationship with Jesus, my children, their lessons, my housework, my husband, and lastly it seems like, taking care of me. I Would love some practical tips on how to successfully handle these issues together more easily. Thank you for the post and opportunity to win a copy. 🙂

    1. How exciting, Michele. I remember those days of being a new homeschooler. I’m happy to enter you in the drawing. And as you have questions in the future, I’m happy to try to answer them as well. Take care and may God bless you in your efforts! 🙂

  2. I have been really enjoying this book! That quote about contentment in homeschooling is such a good one. It’s so tempting to think we have to put all the school bells and whistles in or making things uber exciting just to entertain and appease. But keeping it simple means that the normal becomes fun too and, as she said, the fun and special become MORE fun and special. Need to keep that in mind when I start to feel like the boring mom. 🙂

    1. Yes, Tauna, that was a great reminder for me as well. I’ve also been enjoying the book. It’s wonderful to feel like I have a couple of mega experienced homeschool moms to mentor me now! 🙂

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