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As a mom who is homeschooling a high school senior, I’m finding that people are quite concerned about what my son plans to do after he graduates. The current year has just begun and yet we are already fielding many questions about next year.

“What does your son plan to do after high school?”

affordable accredited online college classes


Life after homeschooling is all new to me. Sometimes these questions cause me to feel a bit anxious about the future. I want my sons to have the option to go to college if they choose to do so. But college is expensive and if my boys decide to go that route I don’t want them to have to go into debt to continue their education.

Because of this, I’ve been doing lots of research into less traditional ways to receive a college education. One of the options I’m drawn to is for my sons to take online college classes from home.

There are many different ways to earn credit by taking online college classes. Some of these options are even free! But if you want your son or daughter to be able to eventually transfer these credits to the college of their choice, accredited classes give this homeschool mom an added level of comfort. I’ve recently learned of a resource which offers a variety of affordable accredited online college classes called Ed4Credit. They gave me the opportunity to try their service and I was compensated for my time but I promise that I’m sharing my honest opinion about the experience with you. 

Benefits of Using Ed4Credit

As I said, there are quite a few different ways to take online college courses. However, Ed4Credit has some advantages which make their service attractive:

1 – Classes are AFFORDABLE

  • There are no application fees
  • All classes cost $195 which is very affordable even compared with the cost of classes taken at a community college
  • eTextbooks are included in the price (except science lab kits)

2 – Classes are ACCESSIBLE

  • Students do not need to be enrolled in a college to take classes through Ed4Credit. This allows them to try out college classes in a less threatening environment to see if they want to continue their education in this way.
  • All classes are self-paced which allows a student to learn the material as quickly or as slowly as they are able. They have up to 120 days to complete the coursework which gives students the flexibility to fit their studies around their job, church activities, and sports.
  • Each course module has interactive games that help your student learn, as well as links to online videos and web pages that support the materials.

3 – Classes are ACCREDITED

Ed4Credit has partnered with the American Council on Education (ACE). All of their courses are recommended for credit by the American Council on Education’s Alternative Credit Project™ or their College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT®).

affordable accredited online college classes

Which Colleges Accept Ed4Credit Classes?

There are over 2,000 colleges and universities across the United States which accept ACE courses. You can find a partial list here. However, there are even more institutions which will accept these credits. You may want to contact the college your child is interested in attending to be sure they will transfer any credits your child earns through this program.

Ed4Credit offers a wide variety of courses available from business courses, science courses, history courses and more. Click here to see a full list.

affordable accredited online college classes

Ed4Credit has also created a FREE Ebook called 5 Ways to Receive Alternative College Credit which will give you even more ideas for ways your student can continue their education.

Who Will Most Appreciate Ed4Credit

  • Families who want to save money on college costs
  • Students who enjoy learning online and who are comfortable with the majority of the classroom information being presented in written format via Powerpoint slides and eTextbook format
  • Students who want the flexibility of being able to learn at their own pace

Save an Additional 20% in October!

As you can see, Ed4Credit is an excellent option for allowing students to earn college credit at a very reasonable cost. And if you would like to give this service a try, now is a perfect time. They are offering 20% off during the month of October. Simply enter on coupon code Homeschool18 at checkout.

For more information about Ed4Credit, check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube.

affordable accredited online college classes