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Homeschooling is an amazing opportunity for our kids to learn about whatever their heart desires.  Most of our days have plenty of time left over for our kids to pursue their passions, to learn more about whatever subjects they find interesting, and to spend time doing delight directed learning.  When everything is clicking in this way, it brings a thrill to a mom’s heart.

The Benefits of Sleep for Homeschooled Kids

But what about when things aren’t going quite as well?  It’s hard to homeschool your kids when they are tired, grouchy, and lacking sleep.  It’s also hard to enjoy the homeschool experience when us moms are exhausted.

Can you relate?

Many kids go through a period during their tween and/or teen years when they require more sleep. Their bodies are growing at exponential rates and the hormones are raging.  During these seasons of life, your kids are probably going to be pretty tired throughout the day no matter what you do.

But what about those kids who have struggled to sleep all their lives?

I have a son who has never been a good sleeper.  From the time he was a baby until now, at age 14, he has rarely slept through the night.  When he was a baby, that meant multiple times either getting up with him or hearing him cry loudly every single night.

The Benefits of Sleep for Homeschooled Kids

When he was a toddler, that meant hearing those little feet toddling up to our bed and my husband or I would take turns firmly taking him upstairs and putting him back in bed.  It also meant going to sleep with tension because we never knew how long we’d be able to sleep before being woken up at least once a night.

And I can be crabby when I’m woken up in the middle of the night – so I wasn’t always the kindest mom as I was escorting him back to bed.

Now that this son has gotten older, he doesn’t wake us up anymore.  But the poor kid has had to learn to deal with waking up several times through the night.  He has mornings where he wakes up at 4 or 5 in the morning and isn’t able to get back to sleep… so he just gets up. And he has started keeping books and other activities next to his bed so that he will have something to do to try to distract himself if he isn’t able to fall asleep within an hour or so.

You can imagine how grouchy this makes him when I go upstairs to tell him it’s time to wake up and start his day.

Homeschooling without sleep

The homeschool lessons for this poor kid had become a chore.  He was exhausted and he always seemed a little bit sad.  There weren’t many topics that interested him anymore.

And the love had left his learning.

Homeschool lessons were more about just helping him to make it through the day rather than trying to ignite his passions or determine what God has in store for his life.

We know how important sleep is to our bodies and our minds, so we’ve tried everything short of sleeping pills to try to help him.  He has gone through periods of taking Melatonin and every kind of natural remedy that you can imagine.  Unfortunately, none of these solutions worked for him long term.  And I can’t tell you how exhausting it is to get your hopes up about trying something new only to have them dashed again!

So, when I recently discovered the Dreampad pillow from Integrated Listening Systems, which is supposed to help people with sleep problems, you can imagine how interested I was in giving it a try… although I have to admit that I was guardedly optimistic.

I was given this product for free and will be compensated for my time, but all of my opinions are honest and I was not required to write a positive review.

The Dreampad is very sophisticated.  You connect it to a smart device or an MP3 player and it plays soothing music which gets converted into vibrations that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.  This is the part of our body which is responsible for calming us, which makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Benefits of Sleep for Homeschooled KidsIt’s very easy to set up.  Simply install the dreampad app on your Apple or Android smart device.  (If your child doesn’t have a smart device, you can download their music onto an MP3 player instead.

Then, choose your song and the desired volume and click PLAY.  That’s it.

So, my son chose to listen to sounds of the ocean and quiet classical music.  But this pillow is so much more than just a speaker.  The vibrations are what set it apart.  From the very first night, my son fell asleep and stayed asleep.  There has only been one night since he started using the Dreampad a few weeks ago that he hasn’t stayed asleep all night long.

That is a life changingly HUGE improvement for him.

Before using the Dreampad, my son was asked to fill out a survey about his sleep patterns.  After using it for a few weeks, he filled out the survey again and I was AMAZED at the rapid and clear difference!  Here are the areas with the most improvement for my son.


Homeschooling with Sleep

In the past few weeks, my son has been smiling at me MUCH more frequently.  He has also rediscovered his love for drawing and he has been willingly doing his schoolwork without complaint. He’s interested in living life again!  We were starting to think he was clinically depressed.  But he has been a new kid now that he’s sleeping restfully at night!  I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this product!

The Benefits of Sleep for Homeschooled Kids

Image courtesy of Integrated Listening Systems

The Dreampads range in price from $159 – $179 which is really pricey for a pillow.  Before we tried the Dreampad, I honestly thought, “Who in their right mind would pay so much for a pillow?!?!?”  But now that we’ve tried it, I can say that it’s a SMALL price to pay to have a child whose sleep issues are virtually gone.  And they also have a 30 day money back guarantee so that you can be sure this product works for you or your child without risking your money.

We are now saving our pennies so that we can slowly purchase Dreampads for the rest of our family as well!

If you or your child suffer from sleep issues, I would highly recommend investing in a Dreampad.  Not only will homeschooling go more smoothly and be more of a pleasure, but your child’s health will be greatly improved as well.

To learn more about Integrated Listening Systems and to stay updated on their special offers, visit their website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

The Benefits of Sleep for Homeschooled Kids

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Question:  Do any of your children struggle with sleep issues?  Have you found ways to help ensure that your children are well rested before they start their lessons?  Please leave a comment below.