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Family Movie Night - The Wild Brothers

Photo Credit – Answers in Genesis and The Wild Brothers

Looking for a fun movie that the whole family can enjoy together?  Consider trying Welcome to Our World by the Wild brothers.  The Wild brothers are a group of four brothers who live in Southeast Asia as missionary kids.  These brothers are not only the main actors… they also narrate, direct, edit, and compose the music for these movies.

You would never guess that the boys played such a large role in creating these movies.  They’re very professionally done!  They are a good example of what homeschooled kids can create with a little bit of ingenuity and diligence.

Welcome to Our World is filled with awesome scenery of the Wild’s island home.  Watching this movie and others like it is a great way to introduce geography to our kids.

It’s also a great way to encourage our boys to head outside and have some adventures.  The Wild brothers show the audience some of the interesting stuff they do in the jungle on a regular basis.  They spend time identifying and cataloging the various bird specimens on their island.  They enjoy archery, hunting with slingshots, and tracking animals.  They interact with the local Wano people.

Family Movie Night - The Wild Brothers

Photo Credit – Answers in Genesis and The Wild Brothers

The Wild brothers also teach good stewardship of our planet by the pets they keep.  They ended up taking care of a Common Spotted Cuscus and a Northern Cassowary when these animals were orphaned.  Now, these animals are their cherished pets!

Welcome to Our World shows how much fun it can be to live in the jungle.  It also shows how much work the boys and their parents do on a regular basis.  Being a missionary isn’t all fun and games.  They worked incredibly hard to build their house on top of a mountain.  They also built an airstrip to help improve the living conditions of the Wano people to whom they are ministering.

Family Movie Night - The Wild Brothers

Photo Credit – Answers in Genesis and The Wild Brothers

And being the hands and feet of Jesus doesn’t just involve preaching the gospel.  It also includes things such as teaching literacy and providing good medical care.

All in all, this video gives our families a delightful look at the lives of a homeschooling missionary family.  Welcome to Our World is the first in a series of videos.  The second episode, Jewels of the Jungle, was recently released as well and looks to be another great option for families!


If you’re wanting to have a fun family movie night this summer, check out The Wild Brothers.  You won’t be disappointed!

You can purchase Welcome to Our World and/or Jewels of the Jungle from the Answers in Genesis Bookstore or from

By the way, if you’re looking for an awesome family vacation, consider visiting The Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio.  Answers in Genesis has done an amazing job of comparing the worldviews of creation scientists with those of secular humanists.  The museum is filled with thought provoking exhibits.  My favorite part was probably the planetarium.  Seeing astronomy from a Christian perspective brought me to tears more than once.  It’s definitely worth planning a trip!

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