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Are your kids interested in learning about subjects which confuse you? Or about which you know almost nothing or have no interest? Or are you simply trying to find learning resources which will allow your kids to have some independent learning?

Kids who are homeschooled are blessed because they usually have much more opportunity to explore things that they’re interested in than do kids who are in school. However, sometimes, it’s hard for us moms to teach them about topics which don’t fit into the normal scope and sequence of classes.

Looking for some EXCELLENT learning resources for your kiddos but you aren't sure who to trust? Click through to discover an UNBIASED resource!

For instance, I have a son who is fascinated with astronomy and the space program. He loves to keep up with everything that is going on with SpaceX and with NASA. He enjoys learning about the Space Race. He knows all about the upcoming Mars missions.

I don’t know anything about this topic, really. I can find a few constellations like The Big and Little Dippers and Orion when I look for them. But that’s about the extent of my knowledge with this subject. And sometimes it’s hard for me to be able to find resources to help guide my son when he wants to learn even more than he already does about this topic. That’s when I turn to Learnamic.

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What is Learnamic?

Learnamic is a FREE search engine whose mission is to help people find the best learning resources for themselves or their children. They don’t create their own resources and they don’t partner with other providers so you can trust their unbiased search results.

It’s an extremely helpful tool for homeschoolers! Whether you’re looking for books, apps, online classes, YouTube videos, or printables, Learnamic will help you find the best resource for you.

How to Find Learning Resources

Learnamic is easy to use. First, go to their site at

Next, you have the option of searching for your topic of interest or clicking through their menu of popular subjects. When I used the search term “space race”, 11 resources were displayed.

As you can see in the picture above, you can then narrow your search results by grade level, price, topic, or format. Learnamic also allows you to search for items which are Common Core aligned or ones which have Religious Influence. This is extremely helpful to allow us to find resources that fit into our unique worldview.

Details about each resource are listed along with prices and how to get started. One click on the button will take you to the site where you can start the class, watch the video, or download the printable. It’s easy and is a great way to save yourself time trying to look in multiple locations for learning resources for your kids – or for yourself!

Want to Win Some Cash?

Learnamic is FREE and EASY to use. But wait. It gets even better. Learnamic already has thousands of reviews of the paid and free resources inside their search engine. In order to make their site even more helpful, they would like to have as many parents as possible write reviews. From November 20 – December 10, they are running a contest where for each review you write will qualify you for a random drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card. AND they’ll also give one $100 gift card to the best, most helpful review they receive!

So, the next time you want to find learning resources for your kids, check out Learnamic. It’s completely free so it’s a great place to start your search! To find out more about Learnamic, visit their site or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Looking for some EXCELLENT learning resources for your kiddos but you aren't sure who to trust? Click through to discover an UNBIASED resource!