Learn Math Fast with CTCMath

Overview: If you’re looking for an online math tutor or lessons that don’t require hours of time to decipher, CTCMath may be what you’re looking for!

Math is one of those subjects which can make or break your day. Some kids love math and excel no matter what type of program you have them use. Others struggle to understand the lessons, become frustrated, and need hours of help to complete even a small amount of work.

Learn Math Fast with CTCMath

Some kids are actually GOOD at math and they don’t want to have to listen to a teacher drone on and on about a concept because they get it right away. They prefer having lessons which get right to the point so that they can get on with solving the problems.

And some kids are either behind and need to catch up or want to work ahead and would like to make progress quickly. These kids benefit from a program with short, straightforward lessons that are easy to understand. If you can relate to any of these scenarios, do yourself a favor and check out CTCMath.

I had the opportunity to review CTCMath for free and am being compensated for my time but as always, I’m sharing my honest opinion about the program with you in this post. CTCMath’s 12 Month Family Membership is an excellent option for homeschool families who are on a budget. And they offer 60% off of their regular pricing for homeschoolers, which is a fantastic deal!

What’s So Special About CTCMath’s 12 Month Family Membership?

There are several aspects of this program which set it apart from the competition.

  • Family Membership –  Customers have the option of paying one low fee which covers all of the children in their family.
  • Placement Tests – Each level from kindergarten through pre-algebra has a pre-test and a post-test so that you can determine the best place for each of your children to start.
  • Rewards System – Children can earn reward ribbons and printable certificates of completion.
  • Complete coverage – CTCMath offers classes for every math class from kindergarten-level through calculus.
  • Short Lessons – Each lesson is between 4-9 minutes in length and focuses on one topic.

How to Use CTCMath

CTCMath is an online program which allows children to work independently while still maintaining accountability with their parents. Here’s how it works!

1 – The child watches the video lesson which teaches them about a single concept, shows him or her how to solve that type of problem, and then works through several problems of that type to make sure the student fully understands.

2 – The student then either solves the interactive online problems or has the opportunity to print a PDF worksheet and solve the problems on paper.

Learn Math Fast with CTCMath

3 – Whether they’ve chosen to answer the questions online or to work the problems on paper and then enter their answers, they will receive immediate feedback about whether or not their answers are correct. If they get an answer wrong, they will be given the correct answer.

4 – Once they have finished solving the problems for that lesson, they have the opportunity to save their answers as a PDF, print the results, answer more questions for even more practice with that concept, or move on to the next lesson.

5 – This program also has PDF Summaries available for each lesson, although they are very short and would be better used as a reminder of the lesson rather than in place of the video lesson.

There are also four levels of speed skills, games for practicing times tables, and another game called Swap the Pieces that students can work through to hone their logic skills. This method of gamifying math is a great way to add some fun for students.

Learn Math Fast with CTCMath

Benefits for students

  • Short Video Lessons – Kids appreciate the short, straightforward lessons which are between 4-9 minutes long. This makes them ideal for regular math lessons as well as for kids who are behind in math and want the ability to catch up quickly. They’re also ideal for kids who catch on to math concepts fast and who would like to be able to move ahead at a more rapid pace.
  • Flexibility – CTCMath provides multiple ways to solve problems – both online and on paper.
  • Fast Feedback – The problems are graded immediately for fast feedback.
  • Additional Help – Students are able to view solutions online if they are struggling. There are even additional problems they can solve if they would like more practice with a particular concept.
  • Math Tutor – CTCMath is a great option for kids who need a math tutor to help them understand math concepts without having to spend hours watching long lessons.

Benefits for parents

  • Easy to Use – There is one dashboard where parents can browse through lessons for all of the classes from kindergarten-level math through calculus to assign various tasks with due dates for each of their children.
  • Accountability – Students have the option to save their online answers to a PDF or print the results making it easy to hold them accountable. And there are NO MORE papers to grade!
  • Weekly Recaps Via Email – Parents receive a weekly email summary which gives them another method for staying on top of how much work their children are getting done and how well they are understanding the lessons.
  • Progress Reports – CTCMath builds a progress report for each student so parents can easily identify areas where their kids will require additional practice or help. In addition to scores, parents also get to see how much time and effort their children expended in order to receive those scores, making it easier to tell if a child is really struggling or if they aren’t trying very hard.
  • Inexpensive – I know I mentioned this before but the low cost bears repeating!

Learn Math Fast with CTCMath

One consideration to keep in mind is that the teacher has an Australian accent and some terminology he uses is slightly different than what we use in the United States. But I thought he was very easy to understand and really don’t think that would be an issue for most kids.

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If you’re interested in this program and would like to learn more, check out their website or follow them on Facebook or YouTube. Or you can sign up for their FREE Trial and give CTCMath a try for yourself!

Learn Math Fast with CTCMath

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