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Michelle! I just want you to know we are enjoying your Medieval England curriculum so much! I started the year with a different curriculum for our spine, and I was going to supplement with yours. That turned out to be too boring for my daughter. Now we are using yours for our spine, and other things to supplement here and there. My daughter is much more a Science person than a history person, but she is really enjoying our history time since we switched!




Absolutely love it!! Best of its kind that I’ve ever seen. #fanforlife





We are enjoying the curriculum very much.  At first I thought some of the activities would be too juvenile for a 7th grade boy, but I have been surprised just how much he has enjoyed these activities.   IT has been great to see a big smile on his face when we are jousting with noodles, sword fighting, long jumping, running around with windmills or wind gauges or throwing our home-made battle ax.  WhileI questioned the age appropriateness at first, he is smiling, laughing and enjoying the break from more usual academics to participate in such activities.   So I’ve gone with it since the happiness factor is important to me.


He is an only child so we have been acting out the play scenes with knight and horse play mobile figures that we found at a flea market and others we already had.  We made the peasant house out of popsicle sticks which took a couple days to weave in the straw and add a roof.  We put the daub only on the roof cause he didn’t want the whole thing to be daubed over since it wasn’t as attractive.  We have used the peasant-made house during our playmobile theater as well as a castle we already had.  It’s worked out pretty good.


We read Door in the Wall and Adam of the Road which were both outstanding books that highlighted many of the things we had studied in the non-fiction books we have read.  Each week, we read a non-fiction library book on whatever topic we are on (castles, knights, peasants, monks).  We are now working on Canterbury Tales and Robin Hood as we enter week 1 of being a Baron.


There have been a couple of activities that have been much more involved and taken days to complete.  The house was the first one (but we spaced it out and it was a good experience).  The Cathedral drawing was difficult and took a lot of time to get proportions correct.  We duked it out, but he grew frustrated.  I see an even harder one coming up.  The stained glass has taken a number of days, but each day we only work on it like 10 minutes and then that side has to dry before we can continue.  I already had liquid leading and the stained glass colors fro, a garage sale purchase.  He struggled through the liquid leading portion trying to make his design appealing, but he has very much enjoyed applying the colors and that has made it all look better than he thought.   So overall that one has been a thumbs up.


All the quick games and races have been a welcome break in the day and he is always up to give them a go.  More smiles!


To be honest, I really wasn’t sure this curriculum would be a hit or not.  What I did like, was the idea of being a different character for two weeks.  So I bought it hoping the rest would play out okay and it really has.  My son is not easy to please when it comes to school.  He dislikes many aspects of curriculums and unit studies.  So many things we have tried have just been so-so.  But he has really enjoyed studying the middle ages and your unit study has provided great balance and variety.  We had another spine and I got this to supplement that spine.  I didn’t plan to use every activity, but we have done the majority of them for each character.  We have taken 3 weeks rather than 2 for each role because we have a co-op on Friday so don’t do SS and found that there was enough of your material to spread it out rather than rush through it.  So we have.


Overall, it has been great and I’m very happy I gave it a try.




Bringing history to life is EXACTLY what the Time Capsule: Medieval England History Unit Study does. Through the creation of this unit study Michelle Caskey has done for our children what Mr. Poydence did for me. This is, hands down, the BEST unit study I have ever seen in my life.
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Meg Grooms
Homeschool Gameschool


My children have been totally immersed in the Middle Ages for several weeks.  They just can’t get enough of it!  We’ve been using Time Capsule: Medieval England Unit Study by Homeschool-Your-Boys and it is providing almost endless activities for the children to get hands-on with the Medieval England.

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Crystal McClean
Castle View Academy


Students get a real sense of what life was like during Medieval times as they explore the activities and get to dress up like the people they’re studying.  Little Miss was thrilled to be a Queen and even more thrilled that there were so many hands-on activities.  If your children are kinesthetic learners, this is filled with lessons and activities that they’ll love!  If you’re looking for a lot of worksheets and copy work, you won’t find much of it here. The focus is definitely on experiential learning.


It’s a fun, engaging curriculum that really makes history come alive. On a scale of 1-10, I’d happily give the Time Capsule: Medieval England Unit Study a 9.5 and would highly recommend it to families with students who:


  • are kinesthetic learners
  • who are imaginative and creative
  • like to have fun during the school day


This school year, go back in time and enjoy all that Medieval England has to offer!
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Brandi Jordan
Mama Teaches


It’s not too overwhelming, which is nice. You can pick an choose what activities fit best with your family or use it to supplement what you are already doing (though that won’t be too necessary, but totally up to you!). You are engaged pretty much through all your senses and can do some fun games with your kids (yes, those are in there too). This would also be an excellent co-op study!

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Elizabeth Buckner
Inspiration to Creations


The first thing I noticed when I looked at this curriculum is how extensive it is! Michelle has made it easy for you with this awesome unit study where your kids will not only learn history but also logic, reading, literature, writing, photography, social studies, drama, science, math, geography, arts and crafts, drawing, art appreciation, and music appreciation!
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– Gena at I Choose Joy!


I just got your History in the mail! It looks AMAZING!!! Thank you! I hope you have time to write more books. My boys are going to LOVE this!!!




Thank you SO much for your (and Dennis too!) quick response and all your help. I truly appreciate it. My son and I are really enjoying your curriculum. He’s 12 and we just started the 7th grade. He is a very hands-on learner, and your curriculum has been absolutely perfect for him. We have been homeschooling for 5 years now and have struggled (and struggled) to find a curriculum that he can enjoy and well as learn from. YourTime Capsule unit is just what I have been searching for! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only creating this wonderful curriculum, but for sharing it with other homeschoolers.


I am already planning on purchasing the Colonial America unit once we complete the Medieval Unit. You have a fan AND customer for the rest of our homeschooling days. :)



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