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There are lots of great resources for homeschoolers on YouTube. From nature and wildlife shows to educational channels to family-friendly entertainment, there are plenty of reasons why parents might want to let their children watch YouTube. Unfortunately, YouTube can also be a dark place for our children.

Protect Young Eyes with YouTube Parental Controls App

Did you know that some YouTubers take innocent children’s videos and insert objectionable content in the middle? The beginning and the end of the show looks normal, so parents who are in a hurry but are trying to keep their kids safe, may miss the harmful content and feel good about allowing their kids to watch this content.

Sometimes the issue is that the dialogue is filled with cursing.

Some of the extra content is of a violent nature.

And unfortunately, some people are even adding horror-themed images or even instructions on suicide.

I think I lead a fairly sheltered life because I only recently learned that any of these things were happening. I didn’t realize our kids are actually being harmed by watching what appears to be a video for kids!

Because these terrible things are happening, it’s important for parents to be even more vigilant than ever when they allow their kids to surf the web. And this is true while they’re searching for videos to watch on YouTube as well. And that’s where Safe Vision comes in.

Benefits of Using Safe Vision to Set YouTube Parental Controls

Safe Vision is an app that has been developed by parents as a tool for parents. I received this app for free so that I could check it out and I am being compensated for my time but I’m thrilled to share this app with you because it works! It allows kids to experience the positive side of YouTube while protecting them from inappropriate content.

Here are just a few of the benefits of the Safe Vision app:

  • Makes it safe for your child to use YouTube unsupervised, which is a huge benefit to busy parents.
  • The suggested content within this app is screened by real people – not robots, who could easily be tricked by some of the tactics I was telling you about earlier.
  • Parents are in control of what their kids watch. Gives us the ability to unlock an unlimited number of specific channels and videos as we see fit.
  • Also allows parents to set daily time limits for viewing.
  • Families can create up to 7 child profiles on unlimited devices.

Special Offer through March 31st

If you’re concerned about what your child may be watching on YouTube and would like to give this app a try, you can try it for FREE. All of my readers who install the app and type the code IHNMARCH2019 into the in-app CHAT before March 31, 2019, will get a 1-year premium subscription for free.

The developer is still working on detailed instructions on how to use and install and use this app. So I thought I would share with you what I’ve learned so far to make the process as simple as possible for you.

Here are detailed steps for installing the app:

  1. To install the Safe Vision app on your child’s phone or tablet, you can download it for FREE from the App Store, Google Play, or the Amazon App Store for Kindle Fire tablets.
  2. Sign up for a new account
  3. Use the in-app CHAT to send the code IHNMARCH2019
  4. You will receive an email or chat message confirming that you get a 1-year premium subscription within a day or two.

It’s that simple.

How to Use the Safe Vision App to Set YouTube Parental Controls

You may then use the app to set up YouTube parental controls for your children. The app starts out in Parent Mode.

Protect Young Eyes with YouTube Parental Controls App

Safe Vision begins with several channels which have been pre-screened and are deemed safe for all viewing audiences. But you also have the ability to add or remove whichever channels you would like for each specific child in your family. To add a channel to your child’s home page, you first click on the All Unlocked Channels area.

Protect Young Eyes with YouTube Parental Controls App

Next, scroll through the list of pre-approved channels which have been deemed safe for all viewing audiences by the Safe Vision staff.

Protect Young Eyes with YouTube Parental Controls App

Once you’ve found a channel you’d like to consider adding, simply click on it.

Protect Young Eyes with YouTube Parental Controls App

You will then see a detailed description of this channel which should help you to decide whether or not you want to go through with adding this channel for your child.

Protect Young Eyes with YouTube Parental Controls App

Scroll down until you see the option to Add This Channel to Home Page. This is also where you would Lock This Channel if you’ve decided you don’t want your child to have access to it on this device.

Protect Young Eyes with YouTube Parental Controls App

Once you’ve added or removed whichever channels you desire, tap the Switch to Child Mode button at the bottom of the screen. The app is now ready for your child to use.

Protect Young Eyes with YouTube Parental Controls App

If you want to set up a profile for a different child or make any other modifications, you will need to return to Parent Mode. To do this, simply click the lock icon in the upper lefthand corner of the screen.

Protect Young Eyes with YouTube Parental Controls App

Enter your password and you will return to Parent Mode.

As you can see, this app is fairly straight-forward to use. Safe Vision’s blog also has useful instructions for how to block YouTube on an Amazon Fire tablet, How to use the built-in features on your child’s iPad to set time limits for device use, and more. To learn more about this app, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

Protect Young Eyes with YouTube Parental Controls App