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Overview: Homeschoolers worry about whether we’re doing enough. But research proves that the homeschool model DOES give kids an exemplary education. Find out more!

Sometimes homeschoolers feel that they should copy the educational model of various public schools which are around them. They buy desks for each of their children, line them up in a row, set up rigid schedules… some even ring bells to go from subject to subject. Homeschoolers should never feel that they need to try to “keep up” with the public schools in their area. The homeschool model of education is far superior to that found in most brick and mortar schools.

Homeschooling Gives Our Kids an Exemplary Education

In 1995, Stetson University, Osceola Public School District, and Disney Development Corporation joined forces to try to develop what would be considered an “exemplary” school for kindergarten through grade twelve. Millions of dollars were spent bringing together the greatest educational minds in the country to develop what could be considered the brightest and best school system in the country.

You may be shocked at what they discovered, which included the following:

  • Classes should be small and should contain children of a variety of ages
  • Various subjects should be taught together
  • Flexible scheduling should be employed to promote maximum learning when it is best for the child
  • Learning areas should be filled with sofas and chairs rather than desks lined in a row
  • Classrooms should be active, sometimes noisy environments

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The exemplary educational model they came up with sounds like the homeschooling model. Millions of dollars were spent to discover that what homeschoolers are doing works and it educates our children excellently.

Homeschooling Provides an Exemplary Education

As homeschoolers, we sometimes feel pressured by friends and family to mold our homeschools around the ideals of the local school system; but, nothing could be farther from the truth. We should feel comfortable allowing our children to experience very different school days than do their schooled peers. We should not feel pressured to look more like the brick and mortar school down the street.

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Boys

Another very important point that was discovered from the above research was that a personalized learning plan should be developed for each student – not just for the learning disabled or the gifted. As homeschoolers, we need to remember this for our children as well. Instead of blindly following some curriculum or company’s advice for our children, we need to make sure we have an individualized plan for each of our children.

Some useful questions when developing this type of personalized learning plan are the following:

  • Where is the child at in each subject?
  • With what skills does he struggle?
  • What are his strengths?
  • Where does he want to go?
  • What interests him most?
  • Consider the child’s preferred method of learning – in which way will he best retain the information?
  • What does the child want to do in life and how can he get there?
  • What subjects are necessary if this child decides to pursue their dream career?
  • How can we best guide him?

Our children are all different and we need to develop individualized learning plans for each of them, keeping their particular interests and strengths in mind.

As homeschoolers, we have the freedom and ability to implement the most exemplary model of education which has been found for teaching children. Spending thousands of dollars per student isn’t what is necessary for the proper education of our children. What is important is that their individualized needs are taken into account on a daily basis.

Our homeschools, which are furnished with comfortable couches and which are filled with the sound of laughter and conversation, are doing a great job of educating our children. We need to stop second-guessing ourselves. The homeschooling model has been proven to work well. Be encouraged!

Question:  In what ways does your homeschool match the above models?  How does it differ?  What characteristics best help you to give your kids an exemplary education?  Please leave a comment below.

Homeschooling Gives Our Kids an Exemplary Education