Faith-Based Science Curriculum Which Encourages Curiosity

Do you have a logically-minded child who loves to ask questions? Have you struggled to find a faith-based science curriculum which not only allows your child to question the world around him but actually encourages it?

Faith-Based Science Curriculum Which Encourages Curiosity

When I was a young child, I was extremely curious. Rather than accepting the information which was given to me by adults, I found myself asking all sorts of questions about the material they presented.

Unfortunately, my questions were often met with resistance. Most of my teachers didn’t appreciate it when I made inquiries about what they were telling me. This was especially true with some of my religious teachers. Rather than asking questions, they insisted that I take everything on faith.

While it’s important to have faith, and our minds will never be able to completely comprehend everything, it isn’t bad to question the world around us. Or to try to figure out why things are the way they are. Actually, some logically-minded kids learn best by asking questions! It’s a great way for them to develop their critical thinking skills! I’ve recently discovered a faith-based science curriculum that actually encourages kids to ask questions. This unique program is called By Design Science for grades 1-8.

I received this product for free and I was compensated for my time but all of my opinions are honest and I was not required to post a positive review.

By Design Science for grades 1-8 is a rigorous, faith-based program which actually encourages students to be curious and to ask questions while it presents information through a Christian worldview. This program is published by Kendall Hunt Religious Publishers which has written their materials to align with the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Everything I’ve seen lines up well with a Young Earth Creationist viewpoint.

One thing I appreciate is that the By Design materials go to great lengths to compare the different viewpoints about life science, the human body, earth and space science, and physical science and to explain where and why they vary. It’s important for students to be familiar with all of the various scientific theories and to be able to defend not only what they believe but why they believe it. This program will go far in preparing our kids to do just that.

Faith-Based Science Curriculum Which Encourages Curiosity


The By Design Science materials are top notch. Here are a few of the features I appreciated most:

  • Christian Worldview
    • Each chapter contains Scripture Spotlights so that students can read what the Bible has to say about the topic.
    • The program sprinkles Faith Connection questions throughout which encourage students to apply the concepts they’re learning to the world around them.
    • Includes Called to Serve sections which profile Christian men and women who have careers in the scientific community.
    • Lifestyle Challenges include questions and activities which are geared toward helping the students focus on making healthy choices in their own lives.
  • 5-Step Instructional Model
    • Engage – Asks questions to get the students thinking
    • Discover – Hands-on activities which help students to fully comprehend the subject matter
    • Explain – Reading content provides further clarification about the topic
    • Extend – Questions which prompt the students to apply what they learned to other areas of their lives
    • Assess/Reflect – Additional activities to provide the students to demonstrate that they understand what they have learned
  • Science Journals – Allows the students to record what they’re learning. Also includes critical information for labs and about important concepts. Each unit has a separate journal – four per grade level.

    Faith-Based Science Curriculum Which Encourages Curiosity

Benefits for Students

The By Design Science program has several benefits for students:

  • Many different hands-on, multi-sensory activity ideas are included which helps students with various learning styles to connect with the materials.
  • Visually stimulating textbooks helps to hold the child’s interest
  • Student Journals provide a place for kids to record what they’re learning during the lifestyle challenges and the various activities and experiments they will complete during the course. The journals also help the student to review the material and to prepare for the tests.

Faith-Based Science Curriculum Which Encourages Curiosity

Benefits for Moms

This program has quite a few unique benefits for homeschool moms as well:

  • Online Teacher Resources
    • Teacher’s Manual
      • Detailed Materials Lists for each chapter
      • Chapter Pacing Guide
      • When to use student journal for various activities
      • Even more activity ideas
      • Vocabulary notes in the margin
    • Printable Chapter Tests which are multiple choice, short answer, and essay
    • Additional Worksheets if desired
    • Grading Rubrics
    • Printable Glossary Sheets for each chapter
    • Science Fair Help
  • Materials Kits Available – Can purchase kits which include all materials needed for labs
  • Help for Multi-Grade Teachers – Gives guidance for moms who want to teach kids who are in grades 1-4 or 5-8 at the same time.

Faith-Based Science Curriculum Which Encourages Curiosity

What Did We Think?

The By Design Science program is an excellent choice if you enjoy having a mix of book work with hands-on activities. Here are my final impressions:

  • Perfect for the logically-minded child who loves to ask questions
  • Science taught from a Young Earth Christian worldview
  • The student materials are visually stimulating
  • The hands-on activities are interesting and they do a great job of helping students to grasp the materials
  • The teacher’s manual makes teaching the lessons a breeze
  • The online teacher’s resources are convenient and easy to use

How to Find Out More

As you can see, the By Design Science Program is thorough and rigorous yet fun for students and teachers alike. And Kendell Hunt Religious Publishers also has other educational materials available as well:

To find out more about the By Design Science materials or any of their other programs, visit their website, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Faith-Based Science Curriculum Which Encourages Curiosity

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