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Overview: Should kids do chores? Amazingly, this has become a controversial question. Even though kids are busy doing ALL THE THINGS it’s important for them to learn LIFE SKILLS. Here’s why I feel it’s beneficial for kids to have chores!

Should kids do chores? In modern society, more and more parents are starting to believe that their children should not be forced to do chores. Some of them feel that their child’s schoolwork is a priority and that chores only take time away from those more important lessons. Or that their child is too busy with extracurricular activities.

Should Kids Do Chores?

Some parents feel it’s just easier to do the job themselves – that chores for kids would take too much of their time and patience. Still, other parents would say, “You’re only young once” and feel that childhood should be reserved for playtime.

Back in the day when most Americans lived on farms, children were expected to pitch in and work to help their family survive. But as moms and dads left their homes and went out to work, more and more Americans have decided that children should be entitled to a life free from hard work or responsibility.

When homeschooling boys, it is important to remember to teach them life skills right along with the rest of their schoolwork. And since our boys are home with us all day long, it’s very easy to incorporate these real-life lessons into our day.

Dad and sons repairing a picnic table

Our sons were eager to help out with chores from a very young age. Most young children actually do like to help their parents. They want to spend time with them and do the same tasks as their parents. If you have young children, now is the best time to get them involved with household chores. You will find them eager to please!

 How do I start?

When starting a new task, children need to watch you and help you. You can work side by side, simply explaining the task. Kids will want you right there for direction and moral support. Soon it will shift from them helping you, to you providing a little help to them.

Learn and Grow Preschool Curriculum

Next, children will have the knowledge they need to complete the task but may forget something or need a reminder that it’s their turn.

You may reach a stage when the child not only does the job but also does it with no reminding. It’s important to remember it takes years not days or weeks for a child to move from helping you with a task to being able to do it alone without any reminding.

How many chores should kids be doing? That depends on their age and interests. Keep in mind that many kids are also busy doing schoolwork and extra-curricular activities as well. You are looking for a balance between all of their activities.

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Should kids do chores? They definitely should! As with anything in life, implementing a chore system into your family will take some time. As when you start a new job and have to learn how things are done, the same is true for scheduled chores. Your children may take some time to figure out how to do their chores in a manner which works for both of you. Be prepared to give it a few weeks. Keep an eye on things, and be ready to adjust things if need be. Over a period of a few months, as things settle down, you will see a big improvement in how your family runs.

Question:  You you feel that children should do chores? How have you implemented chores in your family? If you have any tips to share please leave a comment below.

Should Kids Do Chores?