Study Ancient History Through Literature with Beautiful Feet Books

Overview: If you’re looking for books to help your kids study ancient history through literature, you can’t go wrong with Beautiful Feet Books. Great quality!

Homeschoolers are a hard group to classify. Some of us use classical methods to teach our kids. Others of us are Charlotte Mason fans all the way. And still others prefer a more eclectic mix of materials. But one thing most of us have in common is an appreciation for the importance of good books.

We read to our kids from the time they are babes in our arms. Sometimes we even begin BEFORE they’re born!

Study Ancient History Through Literature with Beautiful Feet Books

Good quality books are a fantastic way to learn more about the world around us, whether that means reading them for ourselves or hearing them read aloud. But there are so many books to choose from that sometimes it can be difficult to sort the good from the best and to weed out the titles that contain objectionable information.

With limited time in our days, it isn’t always possible for us to pre-read every book before reading it to our children. We need help! We need a guide. And that’s where the resources from Beautiful Feet Books come to our rescue. Our family used the Modern American & World History program from Beautiful Feet Books last year so I was thrilled with I was given the opportunity to try their Ancient History program as well.

They were generous enough to let me try it for free and to compensate me for my time so that I could share my honest opinion with you. And later in this post, I will tell you how your family can try some Beautiful Feet Books for free as well!

Study Ancient History Through Literature with Beautiful Feet Books

Benefits of using Beautiful Feet Books

Beautiful Feet Books is a company with a beautiful vision:

To transform education through fostering connection, cultivating curiosity, and promoting beauty. We believe learning should be an enjoyable endeavor and in pursuit of that, we help parents ignite wonder in their children and build a lasting connection with them through sharing the best stories.

Families who appreciate good books will enjoy using Beautiful Feet Books materials.

Who is the Ancient History Intermediate Pack for?

The Ancient History Intermediate Pack is meant for students who are in 5th – 8th grades. Strong readers can read many of the book selections themselves while other students would greatly benefit from hearing the books read aloud.

These lessons are intended to be done three times a week in order to complete the work in one year. However, some families choose to spread the materials out over two years so that they can take their time with the reading and really delve into all of the suggested activities. It’s flexible and can be used however it will best work for you.

What You Get With the Ancient History Intermediate Pack

  • Ancient History Teacher’s Guide – This guide contains the information you’ll need to turn these books into an Ancient History unit study. It has suggestions for supplemental literature, hands-on activities, maps, a pronunciation guide, discussion questions, and an answer key.
  • Ancient History Timeline – The timeline contains 36 illustrations for your child to cut out, color, and paste onto their timeline. The illustrations range from 3500 B.C. to 476 A.D. and are a great way to help students remember the main events in ancient history that they have studied. Our family had a timeline hung up on the wall in our hallway for many years and we would refer to it often!
Study Ancient History Through Literature with Beautiful Feet Books
  • Thirteen Books – These books include reference books such as the Usborne Encyclopedia of the Ancient World as well as intriguing reading books like D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths, Augustus Caesar’s World by Genevieve Foster, City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction by David Macaulay, and The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth Speare. The books in the picture below are the second half of the Ancient History Intermediate Literature Pack.
Study Ancient History Through Literature with Beautiful Feet Books

The Ancient History Intermediate study is divided into 5 units:

  • Ancient Sumer and Mesopotamia
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Israel and Judah
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome

Each unit has suggested reading and activities in order to make the material come alive for your kids.

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How to Use Beautiful Feet Books

The teacher’s guide lays things out in a straightforward manner making lessons easy to teach. Simply open the book and go. The lessons are laid out for you telling you what pages to read from each book, which concepts to discuss, vocabulary words to cover, discussion questions for the reading, hands-on activities to do with the lesson, and specific mapwork to complete.

The lessons are easy to teach and don’t require a lot of prep-work.

Study Ancient History Through Literature with Beautiful Feet Books

If you’re interested in learning more about Beautiful Feet Books, check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Study Ancient History Through Literature with Beautiful Feet Books

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