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Overview: Homeschoolers often feel misunderstood by non-homeschoolers. I polled my readers to find out what homeschool moms wish the outside world understood. Here’s what they said!

Homeschoolers often feel misunderstood by the outside world. People pepper us with questions about the educational choice that we’ve made for our children and they often don’t understand why we would choose a life where we are paddling upstream.

What Homeschool Moms Wish The Outside World Understood

I recently polled my Facebook readers to ask them what they wished the outside world understood about homeschool families and I received some amazing responses. I thought that reading their answers would be encouraging to you!

Here are 25 Things Homeschool Moms Wish the Outside World Understood about Homeschool Families:

1 – I’m doing what’s best for my children and I don’t judge anyone who sends their kids to public school. We’re all doing what fits our families the best.

2 – That fish don’t climb trees!

What Homeschool Moms Wish The Outside World Understood

3 – We socialize! Our kids learn! Maybe not at the breakneck speed of public schools, but they still learn! Not all of us set out for spelling bee/NASA bound/Ph.D. at 13 children! Stop pop quizzing our kids at the supermarket! Basically, we do things! And lots of things! And we do it all differently and WE LOVE IT!

4 – We aren’t all super geniuses and don’t enjoy pop quizzes.

5 – That we typically don’t learn anywhere remotely on the same schedule as public schools. Saying she’s in “7th grade” is just for a non-homeschoolers benefit. We don’t care about levels and it’s amazingly freeing not to.

6 – That our kids are socialized!

7 – That we don’t hate teachers & brick and mortar schools just because homeschooling is right for our children.

8 – My kids are just fine.

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9 – I’m overwhelmed, but not in the way you think! Yes, it’s a lot of work, but I enjoy it. I love my kids and being busy investing in them is not ruining my life, it’s making my life fuller the way it was meant to be. Please get the image out of your head that I spend my days stressed, exhausted, and staring out the window wishing someone would save me.

10 – We are not all the same!

11 – We don’t judge others who don’t homeschool. Or think we’re better because we homeschool. And not all of us keep public school schedules.

12 – We are not weird.

What Homeschool Moms Wish The Outside World Understood

13 – That up until a couple of centuries ago, most children were homeschooled, except for the very wealthy or in certain cultures that had schools for (mostly) boys. We just have a lot more resources now! So, if my children miss going to proms or pep rallies, they will survive, just like those children a few generations ago did.

14 – I wish they understood that if you take the time to be with your child 24/7 you will probably like them, and like being around them. The idea that you NEED your kids to go to public school because you “can’t handle them” is the very reason why kids don’t have close relationships with their parents. If you send your child to be raised by someone else, you’re giving the best of your child to that other person. I want to raise MY children, and get the best of them, watching them learn instead of just hearing about it second (or 3rd, 4th, 5th) hand.

15 – That not all homeschooled kids get full-ride scholarships to college or even want to go. My oldest has a well-paying job and finally will be taking classes at the community college. Why there? One, because it’s cheap. Two, because it fits into his schedule. Three, it’s on his way to work. What’s not to love?

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16 – That the reason we homeschool is that our kids are unique, with different levels of understanding and development. That what makes one tick bores another and that testing is not the same as understanding.

17 – We actually do have our child’s best interest at heart and much of my educational philosophy predates public education by a hundred years or better.

18 – That we don’t utilize public schools to keep our kids home for the parents to play and the kids to be cleaning/work slaves.

19 – Socializing comes from being around people outside of a school setting, also.

20 – We don’t have any more patience than any other mom and our children don’t need “real school” to be “normal.”

What Homeschool Moms Wish The Outside World Understood

21 – Nothing. I enjoy being different. I enjoy the questions and the opportunity to prove people wrong.

22 – That our decision to homeschool, the curriculum we choose, and the progress we make, is not their business unless we choose to share that information.

23 – That I actually like to homeschool I’m actually excited to plan curriculum and teach my children. It’s not something I’m forced to do and it’s not just because I hate public schools.

24 – That our houses are going to look a bit different from families whose children are gone for the majority of the day.

25 – Yes, homeschooling teens of driving age are allowed to get drivers licenses. Not sure why I get asked or told that my kids can’t get a drivers license until they are 20.

Well said. What do YOU wish the outside world understood about homeschool families?

What Homeschool Moms Wish The Outside World Understood