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Overview: Looking for a great audio book to inspire your son? Check out these great nonfiction audiobooks which will motivate him while touching his heart.

Audio books are a great option if your son is an auditory learner. Audio books are also wonderful to bring on vacation so that you and your kids will have something to listen to while driving in the car. Quite often when we choose audio books for our teens, we end up picking up classic works or other fiction selections. There are also lots of great non-fiction choices you should consider as well.

10 Awesome Non-Fiction Audio Books for Teen/Tween Boys

Some of these books are motivational.  Some are written just for teens.  Some were intended for adults but are filled with great information for our kids as well.

If your boys are anything like mine, they probably enjoy listening to music on their MP3 players or their Kindles whenever they get the chance.

The next time your boys want to plug headphones into their ears, consider giving them something to listen to which will inspire them to improve themselves rather than just entertaining themselves.

Here are 10 Awesome Nonfiction Audiobooks for Tween/Teen Boys:


Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris

Fully Alive by Ken Davis

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens: The Ultimate Teenage Success Guide by Sean Covey

George Washington, Spymaster: How the Americans Outspied the British and Won the Revolutionary War by Thomas B. Allen

You Have a Brain: A Teen’s Guide to T.H.I.N.K B.I.G.


The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make by Sean Covey

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Quireshi

Desiring God by John Piper

Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are by Alex and Brett Harris

Question:  Have you listened to any of the above audio books?  Do you have any others you would recommend for tween/teen boys?  Please leave a comment below.

10 Awesome Non-Fiction Audio Books for Teen/Tween Boys

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