5 Ways to Homeschool Successfully in the Spring

Overview: Having a hard time focusing? Feeling tired after a long winter? THERE’S HOPE! Here are some tips to help you homeschool successfully in the spring!

It’s spring! We should all feel refreshed and full of energy after a long winter, right?!? Somehow, that isn’t the case around here. Between the pandemic, the fact that our temperatures have actually gotten COLDER again and we have snow flurries in the forecast… and the fact that this year has just been more oppressive than normal, a lot of us are feeling tired right about now.

And low on energy.

And unmotivated.

And guess what?!? Some of our kids feel that way as well. It isn’t easy being separated from family and friends more than normal. Having extracurricular activities paused or stopped, sometimes without warning…

Spring can always be hard when it comes to doing regular lessons. That’s why schools often do lots of parties and field trips this time of year. 

We also need to be ready to up our game in the springtime. With the end of the year looming, it can be extremely hard for all of us to focus.

So, what’s a homeschool mom to do when this time of year hits?

Here are 5 Ways to Homeschool Successfully in the Spring:

1 – More Field Trips

You’ll have to put some extra thought into this one with all the various restrictions we’re living through right now. But getting out and about is good for the soul – especially after being more homebound as we all have been the past year. It may be harder to go to more populated destinations right now, but there are usually plenty of outdoor venues you can visit no matter where you live. I know it always does me good to get outside, even if it’s just in my own backyard, to breathe the fresh air and feel the sunshine on my face.

2 – Switch to Unit Studies

I’m a big fan of unit studies all year long. But if you rarely use unit studies in your homeschool, this is a great time to pull out a few about topics your kids are especially interested in studying. You can either make your own unit study or you can check out this Time Capsule: Medieval England study I developed for my own sons, which features lessons that are good for all different learning styles.

Time Capsule: Medieval England Unit Study

3 – Reading & Game Days

Our kids can learn a lot from simply reading good books and playing games as a family. Spring is a good time to put away the more intense lessons and to enjoy the fruits of your labors a bit. Choose some awesome read aloud books and go on an adventure together through Narnia or Middle Earth. Or pull out the game boards and spend an afternoon in Catan or in the world of Risk.

4 – Take the Lessons Outside 

Many of us feel cooped up after being stuck inside all winter long. This is the perfect time to get outside and help your kids burn off some of their excess energy. If you live in a warmer climate, you may anticipate extreme heat on the horizon and want to take advantage of any and all opportunities now to enjoy the great outdoors. This is a great time for a hike, a nature lesson, or learning through real-life lessons such as gardening or landscaping.

5 – Life Lessons

All learning doesn’t take place in books. When your kids are restless, sometimes it’s best to lay the books aside and let them learn some life lessons. There’s usually plenty of spring cleanup that has to happen both inside and outside of the house. It’s important to involve our kids in these tasks as much as possible so that they learn these valuable skills. When kids are young, they want to help us. But their efforts often cause more work for us than if we did everything ourselves. Resist that urge! Even though it’s hard to include young children in the household chores, the extra effort you spend now will pay off exponentially down the road when you find that you have raised responsible children who are helpful and who make your load lighter.

If you incorporate some of these tips into your day and your kids are still unmotivated, you may need to take a closer look at your child’s eating habits, sleeping habits, and the amount of exercise he is getting each day. These things also make a tremendous difference in our general outlook on life and the amount of energy we have as we go about our day.

Has your family been struggling to focus on learning lately? What have you done that has helped? Please leave your suggestions below!

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